Dil Dosti Dance 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Huma tells Swayam that Karma has decided to join St Luois and Sharon confirmed it. Swayam repeats Sharon? She says she heard it herself. Swayam tells Vicky. Vicky asks how can Sharon give admission to our student. Raghv announces in the class and tells everyone to begin the fight. They all begin the chalk fight. Karma shouts to stop this nonsense, comes to Karma and asks how dare you? Raghv keeps hand on Karma’s shoulder, he jerks it down and tells him to watch out. Raghv asks what will you do otherwise, the both fight. The professor comes and scolds them. He says that you both are the naughtiest so the CR should be among you, he gets the voting done. Raghv is selected the CR. They all clap. The professor says that it was bad luck for you Karma, he says he had no interest being the CR. Raghv says

it is like the grapes are sour. The professor tells Raghv to divide the class into pair and no one should be friends. The go to sit.

Simmi shows Nil the form of MBA. He says what will happen of their dance. She says that they cant be dancers for a lifetime, and these are just weekend classes. He says they have to make academy. she says what if the academy doesn’t work, we must have choices in life. She says that he has to meet her dad too. He asks so that is the issue, does he has a problem my being dancer? But you are a dancer too. She says that she is a girl, what if my parents want you to be a home maker? She says she will do house hold work as well. He says that I wont do MBA, and I will remain a dancer. She tells him not to blame her if there is a problem later on. She goes away. He says that final exams are pending still and she is behaving like this.

Raghv joins Karma and Huma in a group. She argues but he says I am a CR now, so you should listen to me. He sits with Ishika himself. He says I am a CR now, so you will have to talk to me. She asks is it compulsory. He asks is she a school girl, that she will only do if something is compulsory. He says that you took a good decision about joining the academy. She says she didn’t decide yet. Raghv tells Huma to tell him she has some problem. Her cell phone rings and she leaves. Sharon was distributing the lists in the corridor when Raghv asks did she watch the video, can the girl be in their academy. She says that there are some protocols of an academy, the girl must come forward herself.

Huma’s mother sits to a director asking him to see the album of her daughter and make her a dancer. The director says why doesn’t she try to get her into a heroine. He will inform her whenever there are some auditions. She goes away, while leaving at the door way, she thanks God that like her mother Huma will not have to be a back ground dancer.

Swayam comes to sharon’s office. She teases him why he didn’t knock the door. He asks did she took Karma, how can she do that. This is what she give him back, he says he expected something after Rey has gone, but he had forgotten they are competitors. Sharon says competitor, well yeah this is competition and I have kept it healthy. She says he came to talk to her, but she didn’t confirm her admission. He asks you kept her on hold or have taken the decision. She says if your academy is interested in holding him, she will reject him. She tells him not to stretch this issue like the rubber band. He apologizes, saying he is so stressed out, there have been so many problems. He hopes to cope up all the expectations. She says that whenever they had to face hurdles, the results have been great. He says may be he wont be able come up with all this. She gives him a glass of water and tells him to cool down. He doesn’t take it, so she pours all the glass over his head. He shouts what she did, she laughs and says this is what she should have done. She tells him to imagine the ceiling in getting leaked, he says he didn’t think about it. He takes a glass of water and pours over her head. She gets serious, and asks what the hell. He tells her not to get serious and imagine the ceiling is getting leaked. She runs after him, and they both get into a couch.

PRECAP: Sharon says to Swayam that he is again taking her side, he must stay away from her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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