Dil Dosti Dance 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 28th January 2013 Written Update

The introduction of the new team took place.Priyesh says he likes each one and is therir great fan.When he reaches Aashi he tells he has not seen her dancing.The rest of gang is at canteen.Vicky is sad that Rey asked them to move out.Neha and Amar try to make him understand that he did it to prevent the fight and they are not a part of the dance team now.Barath was the one translating what Amar spoke.Taani and Sharon are at the girls locker room.Taani spoke about rehersal hall to which Sharon said its like a place of worship for dancers.Taani asks her about dance to which Sharon said that In life we must move on.She also tells how she moved with Rey.Taani replies her saying she always loved Rey from the beginning and infact came here for him.

Sharon then asks about Shivam to which Taani replies its bulshit and thats a long stroy.Rey will be her first and last love.Sharon tells her saying circumstances and people change.To which Taani says Love never changes.Swayam’s feeling for her will never change.She then remembers the words said by Swayam saying “forever tumahara-swayam Shikawat”.

Rey was asking them if they know about their team the India fest and so on.Aashi tells why to move in rounds and asks directly to new commers if they know streets.She also staters that streets is their fore and they will be performing on it and asks if they know.Since thery are quite the boys say that they will start from basics.Each comes and tells their forte is no less and start argumenting.Nilesh asks if they are here to dance or fight..swayam steps forward to stop the fight and Rey follows saying that they will go to canteen and it will be Nilesh’s treat.

At the canteen Amar tries to cheer up saying that they can eat at bit reduced prices.Boys move to get food when Rey comes and shows their spot .They all sit .Vicky,Barath and Amar come up and see their seats occupied.Rey tells its Nils treat to which Vicky asks he has never given them one.When Rey asked what food they are having Vicky asks them to get up.An argument starts up regarding the sits and they try to calm saying its not KG but that increases it.VP comes and scolds them that they are back to start.He asks the new comers to adjust else all their fight with authorities will go in vain.The old team to involve them properly into their team and the rest to not make it difficult for their friends.

The whole team moves out of the canteen.Rey,Nilesh,SDwayam and Aashi are at the classroom.Nilesh tells it seems impossible than difficult as the new ones are not easy and full of attitude.To calm them , try to discuss about how to solve this.The weeklings and drazzlers team come and they laugh at their acts.Nilesh tells Sharon was their Captian.Finally they decide to bring back Sharon into the team somehow as Sharon is the Ultimate Task force and Born leader and She will be the only one who can handle all.

Precap: Mission Sharon.Rey and Taani at fire exit.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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