Dil Dosti Dance 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 28th February 2014 Written Update

Swayam is smiling. Sharon asks him why he’s smiling. Swayam says they got another chance to fulfill their dream of dance academy. Sharon tells him everyone doesn’t get a second chance. They have some sweet talk and decide to have coffee together. Ruhi is sitting there. She sees them. Sharon invites her to join them. Ruhi shows care for Swayam and talks about the Rose Day. Sharon gets suspicious that Ruhi may have some feelings for Swayam. Swayam and Sharon talk about their dance costume and props. Ruhi says she can help them with that as she has worked in a theater before. Swayam gives her the permission on behalf of his team. Sharon too agrees with Swayam. Ruhi then leaves to start preparations. Sharon also leaves after that.

Rey and Kriya argue with each other

regarding choreographing. Both want to take that responsibility. In end they decide they will let the group decide who they want as choreographer.

Ruhi and Sharon meet. Sharon tells her that she will drop her. Ruhi says after Swayam dropped her after the Rose Day, she doesn’t have any fear to go alone now. She praises Swayam a lot and Sharon gets more suspicious now.

In night, Rey and Kriya recall their fight and decide to have professional relationship only. Kriya says Rey will see a strong and new Kriya from tomorrow. She sends a message to the group to meet at 7 in morning tomorrow. Rey doesn’t like it and says he won’t go.

In morning, Kriya arrives early. Swayam, Ruhi, Sharon come next. Swayam has brought breakfast for everyone. Ruhi again praises Swayam. Sharon decides to warn Swayam about Ruhi’s possible feelings. Vicky calls Nil, Nil calls Rey. Rey says let him sleep, he will be late. Vicky and Nil also decide to go late. Kriya is annoyed as no one has come. Sharon says she will call everyone. She takes Swayam with her and warns him about Ruhi. It doesn’t go well and Swayam says he knows how to deal with it and she shouldn’t be having any problem even if Ruhi is taking Swayam more than a friend. Sharon says she doesn’t have any concern, she just thought to warn. She leaves.

Everyone arrives now except Rey. Kriya is shouting at them. Rey comes and asks her to stop shouting at his friends. Rey and Kriya argue again. Kriya asks Sharon to be her partner, and Rey asks Swayam. Both teams perform so others can choose who will choreograph. Rey and Kriya start dancing with each other. Swayam sees lights falling on Sharon and he runs to save her. While saving her, he gets injured and everyone is shocked.

The other half was fully dedicated to Rey and Kriya’s previous dance performances.

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Update Credit to: D3 Fan

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