Dil Dosti Dance 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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CHintoo complains to Rey that he promised him to show Mumbai. Rey promises that they will go today. Chintoo tells him to take Sara along as well, they enjoy her company. He calls Sara, and tells her to get ready. Chintoo tells her not to forbid, they will have fun. Sara agrees and says she must call Sharon. She might as well need a change of mood.
Huma and Karma dance in the rehearsal hall. He stops and says is he really liking Huma, but he must control. He has never lost his bet, but his wallet has been emptied. She thinks she will take everything of him as well. He asks why is she smiling, she says she is dancing with him; that’s why.
Karma asks what she is doing today, what about movie. She says they can have it at her home, her parents aren’t home. They can have fun. He doesn’t

move, she explains that there will be popcorns and movie only. He promises to come. Huma thinks that he didn’t get sufficient with the shopping.
Dida asks Ishika that she is leaving home, she will have to find a new paying guest. Ishika says she stopped her, but now she will find a new one. Dida gives her one month notice. Ishika is worried, that she hasn’t got a home yet. Raghv asks Dida what is the need for this all. Dida asks why he is talking for her, and leaves.
Huma tells Karma that they will watch DDLG, while he wanted to watch Transformers. Finally, Huma convinces Karma.
CHintoo was crying, and says he misses his parents as they also live like them, with love. Rey sends him in. Sara says it was better, had Sharon come with them. She hopes she likes their shopping.
Sharon watches Swayam’s photo, and says she never thought he won’t support her. She hates him.
Swayam watches Sharon’s photo, and says he loves her, but she doenst inderstand it. They aren’t met to be together. She packs the bag, and calls Kaka to return it to Swayam. She thinks she doenst want his memories in home as well.
Sara says to Rey that children are cute. He was just crying a while ago, and now is playing. She says children’s life and love is pure, it is carefree. Rey thinks Kriya said this too. She asks where he got lost. He says he hopes their plan for Sharon and Swayam works, they complicate life. Sara says they get a lot to learn from children. The children begin fighting, Rey says this is pure love.
Kaka comes to Swayam, with the box and says Sharon sent it. He thinks can’t time go back again, he misses her.
Sharon puts a pillow on mouth, her phone bell rings. It was Sara, Sharon asks her to sleep. Sara says no way, she won’t let her go into the depression zone. Sara asks her to go to coffee shop to hang out. Sharon asks her not to force. Sara says she is insisting as a friend or a cousin. Sharon says she will. Sara asks what if she switches her phone off, Sharon says she will. Rey says he must call Swayam. Sara says they might not be ready, Rey says he thinks he should call Swayam. Sara hopes Rey is thinking right.
Karma watches Huma, in the room. She smiles looking at him, and moves to him in a seductive way and sits besides him on the sofa. She moves to him, as he heads to take the drink. He asks when she started watching such movies, she doesn’t seem to be a lovie dovie. He returns her compliment. She thinks she hates the moment, he thinks he loves it.
Sharon was talking a lot to the group, everyone else was quiet. They discuss that she is sad. The boys come down the table, and discuss. The girls come there, the boys make up that they were looking for pen. Sharon asks them to go for movie. Rey brings Swayam, Sharon asks who called him here. Rey says he brought him here. Sharon says he must take Swayam, she is going home. Sara stops her, but she says if he is here, she can’t stay here.

PRECAP: Sharon says that there has been a merger, they must keep party. Swayam says they can take a press conference as well. Sharon says she doesn’t need any boring ideas. Swayam heads to leave. Sharon says they must tell him, Sharon Rai Prakash knows how to keep her personal and professional matters apart. Swayam says if she has decided everything, who is he to talk in between.

Update Credit to: Sona

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