Dil Dosti Dance 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 27th March 2014 Written Update

As Swayam sees the bruise, he says,’ what’s this?’. Ruhi tells him that she fall in the bathroom. Swayam says to Sharon that he had asked her to be extra careful about Ruhi, such a small injury has enlarged this much! Ruhi defends Sharon, and tells Swayam that its none of her mistake. She has already obliged me by taking me her home. Sharon and Ruhi looks into each others. Sharon thinks what else can Ruhi do to get Swayam. Ruhi thinks she will go to any limits to get him. Swayam says to Ruhi,”You should go to doctor.” Ruhi says she already went there. Swayam caress her and tells her to go to medical room. “How can I go alone?” asks Ruhi. He says he’ll take her. They leave Sharon there and leave.
Sharon calls the doctor Malhotra telling

him she wanted to discuss something confidential with him regarding Ruhi. Rey comes from behind. Sharon is shocked. She asks why was he so happy. He tells her that the file for Amar’s business has finalized. Now they just want a food business expert to review the file. Sharon tells him that she can help him in this by talking to her cousin. Rey tells her that he was sure about it. He asks about Swayam. Sharon tells her that he is with his VSF Ruhi. Rey comments that is everything alright. Lets go meet Amar, he is coming.

Nil and Simmi ar sitting in the cafeteria. Nil is very upset. Simmi tries to make up his mood by telling him not to get so upset. He says you have no idea what Vicky is to me. I am very upset that he dint tell me about his grandfathers’s illness. Simmi still tries to convince him. He tells her to leave him alone and goes away.

Swayam and Ruhi in medical room helps Ruhi lay on the bed. Ruhi tells him that she always had friends around and is not used to live alone. Today he was with him and thanks him for helping her. Swayam says its ok. Swayam says he must leave now. He will bring something for her to eat. And if she needed something she must text him. Ruhi holds his hands and tells him to forgive Sharon for what she said, she is very good the way she is. Swayam leaves. Ruhi thinks “Sharon! I ll make Swayam mine in front of you and you’ll keep watching.”

Everyone is in the dancing room, discussing about elections. Jackie enters telling Swayam that Sharon is right; they must take interest in politics. By the way I have heard you people dance very well. They offer him to dance with them too. And they all dance together. They celebrate the promotion of film Youngistan together by shouting its name.

Kriya is remebering Rey. She starts dialling a number on her cell phone but stops.

Swayam and Sharon are in vice principle’s office. He tells them to stop rehearsing about affiliation and is speechless when Sharon asks him what the final decision could be.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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  1. sandhiya kya tum meri friend banogi?

  2. i want kriya with rey i wish yeh dono jaldi se apne pyaar ko accspet kar le

  3. They are dragging the show way too much. Its becoming booring. Well the sharon nd swayam eyelocks r awesom but the show is becoming booring.

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