Dil Dosti Dance 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 27th February 2014 Written Update

Rey is at his home thinking about Kriya’s behaviour on Rose Day. He again remembers Swayam’s words of wisdom on women. Kriya on the other hand is holding the white rose given by Rey. She decides that she’ll be professional and do everything to make Rey’s dream of a dance academy come true, after which she’ll leave. Rey decides he’ll control his feelings and act professionally- he’ll not allow his feelings to take over. Kaka comes and keeps some clothes in his cupboard and finds Kriya’s tee shirt. He asks Rey about the tee shirt, Rey asks him to keep it in “Kriya’s room” only to realise that she doesn’t stay there anymore. He remembers the time when Kriya had been there and is angry that she left her stuff. Kaka asks Rey to return the tee to Kriya in college.


and Vicky enter the college to find Simmi waiting in the corridor. Simmi brought sandwiches for Nil which makes Nil very happy. Vicky wants to eat them- Simmi tells him that she made those for Nil but if he wants to share them with Vicky, he can. Nil and Simmy share a cute moment after which she leaves.

Ruhi calls Swayam to thank him for being there with her on Rose Day. She inquires if he is coming to college and tells him that she had a lot of fun on Rose Day and also won a lot of games. She also mentions that if that ball didn’t hit her, they would have won that round too. Swayam remembers the incident.

Kriya is in the rehearsal hall fretting about the performance as there will be senior officials from New York to judge it when Rey comes in. Rey says he wants to practise a solo and Kriya is about to leave. Rey stops her and asks her to stay as she can point out his mistakes. Kriya says who is she to point out his mistakes and immediately follows it up saying that Rey is a very good dancer and he won’t make any mistakes. Rey tries to return her tee shirt but she says she doesn’t want it. Rey says that she doesn’t want it and Rey can’t do anything even if he wants to. Kriya leaves without taking it. Rey looks at the tee and is lost in thoughts which Swayam sees when he comes in. He asks Rey how long is he gonna run from his feelings?

Nil and Vicky go to their special class conducted by a fat lady, Mrs. Godbole. Vicky decides to lure her with food and get her to give his attendance without him attending the class and offers Nil’s sandwiches to her. She is happy. He says the next day he’ll bring paranthe for her if she gives his attendance. Mrs. Godbole says she’ll bring VP Sir along and then he can bring paranthe for him as well. She reprimands and slaps Vicky saying she likes cute boys not naughty ones.

Outside rehearsal hall Kriya bumps into Sharon while Swayam talks to Rey inside. Sharon asks Kriya why is she running away from Rey- Kriya says she is afraid that her actual feelings might come out in front of Rey. While Swayam says the same to Rey, that he is afraid of showing his true feelings before Kriya and he is looking for ways to avoid it. But Kriya is affected by Rey and that’s why she left when he came. Rey says he’s just controlling his feelings and ‘control zaroori hai’. Kriya says to Sharon that just because she like Rey doesn’t mean he has to like her too. Sharon says then why is she getting affected. Kriya says that’s natural, just like Sharon was affected to see Swayam and Ruhi and dropped that ball. Kriya says that she’s saying this as a friend to Sharon, it was just a game, and it wasn’t Ruhi’s fault. Sharon admits that she had been rude to her. Rey says to Swayam that maybe he’s wrong, but Swayam’s not right either- he took Ruhi for Rose Day instead of Sharon. Swayam justifies himself saying that she’s new in college and VP’s niece and it was his responsibility and he couldn’t turn her down. Rey says that in spite of all of this, he couldn’t keep himself away from Sharon- kept looking at her, then their pose, them being distracted, Rey had been observing it all. Rey says they are both his best friends and he cannot see them like this. He offers to talk to Sharon but Swayam brushes it aside saying that he should concentrate on his story now, Swayam can handle his life. He again says that Rey cannot keep running from the truth for long. Rey bets he can. Swayam says he’ll lose. So the duo place a bet and it’s decided that whoever loses has to do what the other says.

Ruhi is in the canteen and two girls come and compliment her on her dressing style on Rose Day and also for winning the games. Ruhi says the dress was Sharon’s idea- Sharon hears it as she’s at the door. Then the girls nosily ask if Swayam is her boyfriend. Ruhi blushes but before she can answer Sharon comes and angrily sends off the girls saying they cannot ask such personal stuff. Ruhi is scared. Sharon calms her down saying she was angry with those girls and not her and congratulates her. Sharon apologises to Ruhi for having been rude with her before Rose Day. Ruhi says she understands as Sharon has a lot of responsibilities. Sharon says that she can come to her if she needs any help and leaves. Outside the floor is wet. Sharon slips and is about to fall, when she Swayam saves her. (LLHH with SwaRon tune in bg). She leaves. Ruhi says that Swayam came at the right time to save Sharon. Swayam says somebody or the other would have saved her. Ruhi tells Swayam that Sharon congratulated her on her win although she lost herself- Swayam is surprised as Sharon hates losing. Swayam leaves as he gets a call.

All are in rehearsal hall to discuss and decide their musical performance. Vicky says they should work on the theme of ‘angrez chale gaya angrezi ko chhor gaye’. Simmi says they should do different dance forms of different states. Rinni suggests a Moulin Rouge kinda performance. Sharon says that’s not new. They should do something that touches all hearts. Kriya says they should work on the theme of love as one can easily connect to it. She suggests they work on a musical love story. Swayam says they should do a medley of classic love stories. Rey agrees saying all these stories of Romeo-Juliet, Shirin-Farhad, Heer-Ranjha maybe in different languages but they all have the common theme of love. The gang agrees on this idea. Nil says he and Simmi will be Shirin-Farhad. Amar says Swayam and Sharon will be Romeo-Juliet. Sharon says she’ll be Vicky’s partner. But Vicky disagrees. He says that Sharon and Swayam are perfect for each other. Everyone agrees, Rey adds that they are as perfect as Romeo and Juliet. Swayam understands Rey’s motives and says nobody should be forced. If Sharon doesn’t wanna do it then he’ll do it with someone else. Sharon stops him saying she isn’t unprofessional and it’s decided that she and Swayam will be Romeo and Juliet. Rinni and Amar would play Mumtaz and Shah Jahaan. Sharon declares that Heer and Ranjha will be essayed by Rey and Kriya. They disagree. Rey says he doesn’t know anything about Ranjha. Swayam says he’ll brief him. Rinni says their chemistry is also superb and Amar further adds that even the villagers acknowledged their love story. Swayam tells Rey that he has to agree to this. Rey tell him that he is taking the bet far too seriously. Kriya says Sharon can play Heer better and the people from NY are coming to see their performance and not hers. But Swayam says that they are coming to watch all of them perform. Sharon says it is Kriya’s idea so she better execute it. It’s decided that Kriya and Rey would play Heer and Ranjha. Rey thinks that he has to do it now. Kriya thinks that she’ll do this dance with Rey being very professional and there won’t be any place for feelings.

Rey and Kriya in a heated argument. Kriya says he and his friends require some discipline. She has been waiting since 7. Rey says that he doesn’t want to waste anymore time.
All are dancing to Kabhi jo baadal barse. Rey and Kriya come close during the dance.

Update Credit to: bLEu98

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