Dil Dosti Dance 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 27th February 2013 Written Update

The girls enter the atrium.Simmi in a skirt and Blazer,Neha in a yellow salwar,Aashi in a black party frock.Taani in red saree.Rey gives a flying kiss to her and comes near her and says She is looking beautiful.Swayam asks Simmi wear is Sharon.She says she will be a bit late.Swayam closes his eyes as a breeze hits him.He turns and sees Sharon entering in a white saree looking gorgeous.She had let her pallu floating .Simmi asks her to put up pleats as that suits her more.Rey asks if they can pair up.Soon everyone moves to their partners.Rey and Taani pair up.Vicky comes and holds Aashi.Neha gets angry and gets up with Barath.Swayam is left so Sharon has to pair up with him.Barath asks if she is not comfortable then she can come to him.Neha says its just holding him that does not

mean they are one.Swayam stares at Barath.Rey asks Shall we .Sharon gets angry and moves out alone. They are out of VP’s home.Rey and Sharon give him bouquet.VP says they are looking nice and says well done Taani..All have listened to her.Vicky says they have to listen to her as she is the GS. VP says then they will listen to board members too as they have listened to their GS.

The gang enters in and feels strange seeing no hustle bustle around the party.Sharon says its a formal party and its like these only.Neha says that it does not seem like a party at all.The whole gang seems nervous .Sharon they have come to felicitate us so be confident.Sharon says guys have drinks as that makes an impression.She takes up a drink from the butler

Rey and Swayam move aside to serve themselves.Amar and Barath go and get drinks from the butler.They try looking smart and professional.Rey and Swayam go near bar and ask the bartender for drinks.He serves them cocktail.Swayam takes a sip and makes a wired face.Rey sips and spits out the drink.They then ask for mocktail.Vicky and Nilesh go to a waiter and take mock-tail.They ask for cocktail..The waiter says that they are kids and cant have cocktail.Nilesh says even after wearing a suite are they looking like kids.Vicky says everyone has come to know about him not getting pimple.

The girls were standing in poses having drinks in hand.VP sees them and comes and asks them Why are they alone.Where are the boys.The boys come and join them.The drink spills on Amar’s dress and the gang starts laughing loud.All see them.They then stop laughing.One asks is it not permissible to laugh at parties to which Barath says that not so loud.The VP asks them to come to meet the guests.The guys sees the same group who were there at the Flash Mob time They got scared seeing them.They remember the flash mob moment and remembering Rey throwing the letter.Taani defends and says it was given .Barath says that now she will feel all his acts as ones with care.The VP introduces them to the guests The lady address them as awesome eleven. The gang feels really happy. A dignitary also says that they were fantabulos and says that they have seen their performance over the internet and these guys have rocked it..The lady was inspried and has joined dance classes too. The team feels really happy.The guest says they have seen their live performance too.The gang gives a shocking expression.They also add that they have understood that the student of St.Louis are great.The students ask if they were at Goa.The VP says its about flash mob.The whole team feels bit embarrassing.The ladies say there is no use of seeing here and there.Its of no use.They point out Rey is the one who threw the letter.Taani deference saying it was not throw and Barath continues saying it was given with love. The VP says they were so impressed that they have included Dance in the other branches as well.The whole team is very happy.

Precap: Dance in the party.Sweet moments between the couples.VP asks Since being professional where will they rehearse

Update Credit to: asmaju

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