Dil Dosti Dance 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the spotlight being on Swayam and Sharon. The audience moves out and give space to them.Rey says now Swayam and Sharon have to perform an impromptu act. Swayam and Sharon speak with each other and decide to perfoem.Swayam asks for music. Both dance on Dil Sambal Ja zara.The dance and end in a position Swayam holding Sharon.The audience cheer for the dance.Swayam sees Rey and tries to move up. Rey sees this and announces that the fest has begun with such a dance and it will rock more.Rey Dil se Aashique,Dil se Dance ,D se Dostii ,D se dance.He starts dancing to a song from Chance Pe Dance. After the dance finishes Vicky comes in and says now we begin the Ganesh Mahotsav. The first college is MT.Carmel that performs on a Ganesha song .The gang address Vicky

to come and Vicky joins them in the corridor. The guys says Rey is trying to make them all dance but they wont dance.They are will be careful.The will stay backstage and do and even if they come front they will be away from spotlight. The gang will stay connected via Walkie talkies and will alert rest members if spotlight is coming on them.Simmi says Rey is not stupid to try the same trick..They decide o avoid dance and move in.

Swayam is in a room asking for momentous when Sharon comes in and asks did he not know about Rey’s plan or was he acting. Swayam says she thinks he is desperate to dance if thats the case she must Dream On. Sharon says must not have dreams but nightmares about him. Swayam says she is not important to him,Sharon sees him and then moves out. Rey comes to attrium and does not see Swayam and Sharon.Vicky announces the next college o be St.Peters. Rey thinks he must hide from Swayam and Sharon else they wont leave him and thinks of staying Backstage itself.He goes to a room and is about to hide when he sees Barath. Rey asks Barath what is he doing there when Barath says that he is hiding from him.Rey asks why when Barath says to not Dance.He says they found out how he made Swayam and Sharon dance.Rey asks it was a great idea when Swayam hears it and comes and says it was no so.Barath says he will go and inform the gang that they were correct.rey did it.While going out he sees Sharon and informs him that Rey has made them dance.Sharon asks about where is Rey when Barath informs inside and moves out.

Sharon comes in scolding Rey about why did he make her dance with Swayam when Swayam stops her and asks that she is asking about Rey why is she dragging him in here.Can’t she leave him.

Precap: A team from college comes and informs Rey that they need help with Belly Dancing .Rey sees Simmi and Simmi is teaching the girl to dance…

Update Credit to: asmaju

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