Dil Dosti Dance 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Today Highlights only:
Rey asks everyone why they are looking at SHaron as if there is a surprise. THey all cheer about the surprise, it was Swayam. Sharon says he has changed.
Swayam says that he loves her dearly, and that is the most important thing. She had to face some problems, because of their new relation. He will correct them all.
Swayam gets a call, the speaker gets on, Bua said to him taht she will find a beautiful and better girl for him. Sharon shouts that at his house, girls arent repected. He was behind her from the beginning of the college, he could never see modern girls. His family will always dominate girls, he doesnt have the guts to support his family. He won’t side her and they can never stay together.
When she is done, Swayam says he didnt

know she thinks so bad about him or his family. SHe wants a breakup. Sharon Rai Prakash! Swayam SHikhawat breaks up with you. He tells rey he doenst have to live with a girl who doesnt trust him.
The D3 are shocked.
Huma comes to meet Karma, he was on bike. SHe says she doesnt want to go on bike, it is so hot. He asks should he call the mercedes. SHe thinks he will get her fruits today. She suggests about booking an AC cab. HE thinks where he will pay for that .
rey comes back Swayam. Swayam was angry, that what he can do, he doesnt want to understand any other thing. Rey takes him, insde.
Raghv asks Ishika for a coffee. He tries to make her up, and tells her to forget about what has past. She gives her coffee, he asks her for her company. SHe asks he doesnt like her company. He asks her to sit down, and asks she got the job. She asks he had some doubts. He asks about joining. SHe says she will get the appointment letter soon. He tells her to stay here, and not another house. She asks why she should stop here. He says he wanted to say something important. He thinks how to tell her about himself.
He gets his doctor’s call, she invites him to hosital for something important. He leaves. SHe is even angrier.
Everyone is worried about Swayam and Sharon. Simmi sides Sharon. Nil sides Swayam. Nil goes annoyed ultimately.
Karma helps Huma with the shopping, he is left penniless in the end. They sit on the beach, Karma removes ice cream from her nose .
Sara stops Sharon from throwing her things away. She says she is removing Swayam’s gifts. She says she has listened to all, she knows she isnt over reacting. Sara tells her to relax. SHaron asks what to do. Sara says she knows she is right, but for this moment she must back up and not be impulsive.

PRECAP: Rey brings Swayam to cafe. Sharon asks who brought him here Sharon says she is going home.

Update Credit to: Sona

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