Dil Dosti Dance 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th March 2014 Written Update

Ruhi wakes up as Sharon was checking her bag. She sits up in the bed and asks what Sharon was doing in her room. Sharon says it is her room and her house, ans soon Swayam will also be hers. Anyways she came here to wake Ruhi up. They will leave for college in ten minutes so get ready. Ruhi doesnot know what to do.

Swayam meets Rey downstairs. He asks why dint Rey come upstairs. He said because he is too excited taking the solution to Amar’s problem. He asks him how will he feel if he gets his cravings all in the college? Swayam asks ‘how can resturants have wheels?’. Rey says’The answer is hidden within his question’. Swayam exclaims, “Food car!!” Rey says “yes!”. This way Amar will also not have to leave the college. And specially

after midnight when all resturants have closed, Amar can satistfy the cravings of people at parties with his deliciously cooked foods. Now they have to arrange for the van. Swayam asks everything else is alright? Rey asks what else? He says Kriya? Rey says don;t start again, lets leave for college. He sets in the car and starts the engine while Swayam was still sitting on the bounet. They have some fun and leave.

In the college, Nil is thinking why Vicky was not replying to him from yesterday night. Simmi also asks him about Vicky. He says he does not know why is he so angry at him and where has he gone. Simmi calms him down. They asks a guy Bharat about Vicky. He tells them that his grandfather is ill so he left yesternight. Rey told them so. Nil wonders Vicky told Rey but not his best-friend. He asks Simmi to leave him alone for sometime. Simmi goes in the class room.

Rey sees a couple enjoying in the corridors. He remembers his time with Kriya. Again he is sitting on the stairs of campus thinking about himself and Kriya. He was lost in his thinking when he realized someone was watching him. It was another Rey. He checks his nerves wondering if he had died. His duplicate tells him to chill because he is still alive. He is infact an intelligent version of Rey who came out to make him understand that people must not think from their brain but their heart. He asks him who he was just thinking about. Rey says it was music. He says you cannot lie your conscience, you were thinking about Kriya. And that you must also not be shy of me. He tells Kriya is a nice choice. She is pretty, beautiful and loves you. What else do you want. And dont tell me he doesnot love him because he does love her! Accept it now that you always loved Kriya. Say it aloud that you love Kriya. As Rey keeps listening the last line, duplicate disappears. He stands up and wonders if was in a dream. Whatever it was, he has realized that he love Kriya. He gets excited and says it aloud. He dances in the campus, finds Swayam in the cafeteria, tells him to sing a song, holds him in his hands and kisses his cheek when Swayam stops him saying he loves him too but not in this way. Rey says He loves Kriya. Swayam is shocked that how did you finally realize. He tells him the story about another Rey. He says that it has to be true and confesses that he is always remembering Kriya. They both hug each other. Rey tells him that he will tell this to Kriya as soon as she returns. Swayam breaks the ice by saying that she is already in India. Rey says he will go to pick her up.

Sharon thinks that she must call this number on the perscription. The number goes busy. She checks on the net. It came out to be a Bipola disorder. It was a conflict of confusing personality, and the medicines were to balance mental nerves. She thinks she must tell Swayam.

Rey Swayam and Bill are in the dancing room discussing about the van. Bill tells them he knows a man who left the city and left his car here, he will repair it for them. Swayam says that today was a super-dooper day for all.

Ruhi still pretends that she has the injury in front of Swayam. He helps her to the bench and asks how she feels when Sharon comes and says she must show the injury to Swayam and insitingly starts unwrapping the bandage. As the bandage gets unwrapped, the foot has a blue bruise on it. Sharon is shocked. Episode ends.

PRECAP: They were dancing when the peon came and announced the VP called Swayam, Sharon and Rey in the office. He tells them that the college is going from private to public, due to which all decisions will be put in hold. Sharon asks she doesn’t get it. He says, it means they will not be able to fulfill their dreams.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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  1. nice episode hats off

    1. tumhe sabse jyada kaun achha lagte hai kriyaans or swayam and sheren

    2. tumhe sabse jyada kaun achha lagte hai kriyaansh or swayam and sheren

  2. thank god , finally rey reallize that he loves kriya too but guys what about kriya?

  3. i love sharon-swaym

  4. what ,but i love kriyaansh

  5. Hey rey-kriya is perfect

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