Dil Dosti Dance 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with the Gang entering Smaash. After entering Aditya Khurana tells them about the place and tells them to go and have fun. The gang thanks him and calls him SIR on which he tells them not to be formal and call him ADI. AK suggests that since it is a big place they should get themselves divided in small groups and explore the place. The boys start fighting with Neha that Vicky will go with them but Neha insists that her babu will go with her. Finally Vicky decides to go with Neha. Swayam, Bharat and Nilesh goes at one side Vicky and Neha on the other. Rinni and Simmi go together. AK tells Rey to stay back so that they can talk about the Teams future plans. Amar has nowhere to go because everyone leaves so Rey suggests that Amar should go with him and AK.
They head to

the restaurant and are chatting whereas Amar is busy in eating and this is annoying AK. Accidentally he drops some sauce on AK’s hand. He apologizes and wipes it and in this again he drops water by mistake. He fells embarrassed and tries to wipe it again by calling waiter and stuff. Then he decides to leave from there towards the gang. AK asks Rey whether he is sure that the gang will be able to handle the pressure. Rey says yes they will be and of course they will because he has selected to manage them means they have that potential.

When Vicky and Neha are exploring the place some guyzz start teasing Neha. This enrages Vicky and he gets into a fight with them. On the other side the bouncers don’t allow Bharat to enter a particular place meanwhile Swayam, Nilesh and Amar enter. They get into word fight with them and then Nilesh and Amar takes them out of there because they get afraid of the bouncer.
When they come out they see the fight between the guyz and Vicky and they join in. This leads to more commotion and fight and the Bouncers enter too. Amar decides to go and call Rey and he calls him. When Rey enters he tries to stop the fight and AK warns the guyzz and stops them all.

Rey shouts on the gangs immaturity because the manager enters and expressing his annoyance on this matter to AK and says he dint expect this from a person like AK. AK tells them that he’ll pay for the damage done.
Rey shouts on the gang and is not listening to anyone. Vicky tells him that if anyone does this thing again to them then they’ll behave in the same way again. And the gang leaves from there. Rey leaves at last. AK is happy seeing the damage done between them.

Gang arrives at Bharat’s garage and is discussing about Rey’s behavior. They are not at all happy on his behavior because he dint even listen to them.
Swayam is briefing about what happened at Smaash to Sharon. HE tells her that Rey is not at fault he is behaving in such way just because he is upset. While they are talking he gets a message from AK so they end the call and he tells Sharon to take care. Swayam feels that he has some wrong feeling since AK entered their life but is brought out of the thought when Sharon talks from the other side. They convey their LOVE and cut the call.

Everyone gets a message from AK saying “Meeting in the Rehearsal Hall at 7 am”. Everyone is in tension about what will happen and say that they should be positive.

PRECAP:- Is the promo which is being shown on TV recently.


Update Credit to: namratajadhav

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