Dil Dosti Dance 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th February 2014 Written Update

Rey and Nil pick Kriya and Simmi to compete with each other for Rose day.Rey looses balance and falls on Kriya.They share an eyelock and special moment close to each other.Host announces Nil- Simmi as the winner of the round .He also comments on Kriya- Rey that they love falling more than dancing.Students cheer for Simmi -Nil.Host announces another round i.e. blind dance.He makes girls and boys stand in two lines and light goes off.He tells students to move further and dance with unknown dance partners in dark.They have to dance with unknown person once music starts and after music ends they need to give a pose with dance partner.Swayam Sharon and Rey-Kriya start dancing together in dark.Nil- Simmi and Amar-Rinni also dance with each other.

After music,light comes back .Swayam-Shron,Rey-Kriya,Nil-

Ruhi,Simmi-Vicky,Amar-Rini give poses with their partners.Swayam-Sharon look lost in each other.Rey-Kriya stand with each other without giving any pose.Host announces Swayam-Sharon as winner of this round.Host informs them that all rounds score will be added and one winner will be decided.Winner will be given title of Mr and Miss Rose day.All the couples start discussing about the results of the competition .Nil tells Simmi he is nervous about something other than the result of the contest.Host announces Nil-Simmi as Mr and Miss Rose day.They go on the stage and receive their gifts and title.

Simmi come down from the stage and Nil calls her from behind.He confesses his love is unique and adorable manner and calls Simmi combination of all the beautiful heroines.He expresses his feelings about her honestly and goes on his knees to propose her to be his forever.Nil gets nervous with Simmi’s delay is replying his question and whispers to her to say yes in front of others.He says her to take the rose and later give it back to him.Simmi accepts his proposal and they hug each other.Their friend come towards them and cheer for them.Host announces end of rose day on a sweet note.

Next day Swayam and Kriya meet near BB court and Swayam asks Kriya about where she went last night after event without informing anyone.Kriya says she was not feeling well but she is fine now.Swayam says her eyes are telling something else which she is trying to hide.Kriya says she is tensed about the performance.Swayam tries to find out but she avoids his question.Kriya compliments Swayam-Sharon about their pose and chemistry.She tells him to give her a chance.Swayam says his relationship with Sharon is less important just like Kriya-Rey’s relation.Amar is praying in RH for the affiliation.Kriya avoids Rey in RH.Swayam notices this.Kriya gives suggestion to do Classical or contemporary.Rey agrees with her.Nil says about individual strength and Kriya suggests team strength.Rey supports Kriya.Sharon questions Rey about his support for Kriya.Kriya says they need to perform on international level.Rey interrupts to support her and Kriya gets annoyed about his interruption and tells him to stop.All gets shocked to see Kriya being rude to Rey.Vicky and Nil show concern about managing rehersals and extra classes together.Rey shouts on them out of irritation.Vicky and Nil tell him to calm down and discuss .He says sorry and leaves RH.Swayam goes behind him

Swayam tries to talk to Rey in BB court.He tells him to sort out things.Rey says she is irritated because of Kriya’s behavior.Swayam asks him why he is feeling bad about Kriya’s behavior.Rey says she is his very good friend.Swayam asks him if he would have been in Kriya’s place ,what would be his reaction.Rey says he would have tried to sort out things with him.Swayam says Kriya is not only his friend but more than that so Rey is not comfortable talking about their issues and he gets hurt due to her behavior.Swayam tells him to accept his love for Kriya and not to suppress his feelings.He says may be Kriya is also trying suppress her feelings and showing anger to do that.Rey says Kriya told him that she dont feel anything else for him.Swayam says girls never say truth about it.Kriya has feelings for Rey and Rey wants to be her friend so she is not able to express her love.Rey recalls Kriya’s words about being his friend and their arguments in Rose day party.Swayam asks him about his next move.Rey says he dont want to do anything.Rey says ,he wont get affected by Kriya’s behavior .He will suppress his emotions .

Precap- Swayam-Rey bet on Rey’s controlling emotions for Kriya.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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