Dil Dosti Dance 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th February 2013 Written Update

The guys are at rehearsal hall shouting Dance Dance Dance.The dance starts up in which boys performance starts up first followed by girls performance and the whole team dancing together.Sharon gets her asthma track.She moves out without anyone noticing her and goes to locker room to take her inhaler.The guys are chatting in Rehearsal hall where Rey says that he is missing AVP.Vicky adds that they have been used to challenges.Swayam says that if Ramayan didn’t have Ravan then it would have not been possibly Ramayan”.Swayam gets bit confused seeing his pimple.Rey says that Pimple is a sign of Maturity,girls like men.Vicky says “Jab kisi ladki ko pimple se farak nahii padtha tho use pata le”(When a girl is not affected by pimples then try to impress her). Swayam is still not

convinced.Rey says that Pimples are gonna attract girls and asks him to relax.Vicky gets tensed that he does not have a pimple which means girls will think he is not yet mature.Vicky starts with the discussion about the V issue and rest ask him to calm down. Vicky acts kiddish and starts crying.

Rey is walking in the passage when Taani calls him saying Hello assistant,Rey replies with hello boss and asks her did she miss him so much that she has called him up.Taani replies haan to which Rey says she will Kill him.Taani informs him that VP sir is calling them to his cabin and wants to meet them.If they do not reach in time then he is sure to kill them.Rey asks did she call him for work.Taani replies affirmatively saying she is the GS and has to do his work.

Swayam calls Sharon and asks her to come and meet him for 2 minutes.Sharon does not reply and then Swayam says that now he is changing his request in plea and asks her with Please.When Sharon still says calm then he asks her if she wont feel embarrassing. The girls decide what to buy something to eat.Sharon writes it down on a tissue.Rinni asks her why is she playing dumb sharats .Sharon glares at her after which she stays calm..Aashi asks Sharon what has happened to her that she is unwell for past few days and that is different.Swayam comes and asks Aashi to move and sit.Aashi moves up and Swayam sits beside Sharon.He diagnoses about her health and says that the immediate cure is hot water with honey.He asks her to take the necessary test else he will have to force her.Sharon says that she is fine which Rinni tries to translate.Swayam stops her mid saying he can feel Sharon in and out .But i know Sharon is not fine.If not we will force u as ur frnds.Rinni says Swayam has a point and she must do her well.Even Aashi and Neha agrees.They to ask her to have a check up with doctor as they are friends.

The guys come to canteen and says Maturity ki level badthi ja rahi hai..Barath asks Swayam to ignore the pimple and see his Dimple.They also says that the Borad members have called them for a meeting.We are big and will be meeting big people.Rey comes in and says the forgot to here the important matter that the dress code is formal. Vicky says what if Pimple is not present in his face but he looks awesome in suite.The discussion about dress continues and Simmi says Formal wear for girls will be Blazer and Skirt.Neha says Salwar.Sharon tries to saying something to which Swayam shouts” what “and gets up.The rest ask what and he says Sharon is mentioning Saree.They all agree and the venue is at VP’s residence .They have to be there at 8.00pm.They all decide to go together and assemble at college at 7.30..Vicky,Nilesh and Barath come out in suits.Rey comes from other side.They tell Swayam is still getting dressed.Rey goes to speak to him. Swayam is nervous and at locker room.Rey asks him why is he getting so cautious of the pimple to which Swayam replies saying Sharon.Rey calms hyim down saying that everyone is not born handsome like Swayam and asks him to relax.Swayam imagines Sharon in saree.

Precap:The girls entering in saree.The party gets boring and few known faces around as guests.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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