Dil Dosti Dance 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th October 2013 Written Update

Aashi goes to Sharon to ask for help in arranging Rey’s birthday as suggested by Swayam.Sharon is sitting alone in locker room.Aashi is hesitant to speak to her.Sharon goes to wash her face.Aashi follows her and asks her for help in Rey’s birthday .Before Sharon can react she says Swayam suggested her name .Sharon becomes happy to know that Swayam still considers her name for something.She agrees to help her .They go to RH .

In RH gang is rehearsing under Swayam and Rey’s guidance on the routine prepared by Swayam. Sharon looks Swayam dancing and smiles at him.Swayam stays unaffected .Whole team practice to sharpen their moves of street dancing.Boys try some dance steps.Rey and Swayam help them to get them right.After that girl try to do some step.Boys

come forward to help them.Sharon looks at Swayam expecting help.Swayam asks Bharat to help her but she glares at Bharat.Swayam finally comes forward to help her.Rey notices them together and feels happy to see them getting close.

After rehearsal gang along with Swayam and Sharon are making arrangements for Rey’s birthday in college atrium .Swayam tries to avoid Sharon.He praises Aashi about the arrangements.Aashi says it was Sharon’s idea.Swayam changes the topic and goes to boys.Sharon becomes upset about it and Simi tries to divert her mind.

Swayam calls Rey to ask where is he.Rey says he is near college gate.They switch off the lights and Rey surprise.Rey becomes happy looking at the arrangements.He asks what was the need of stage.Sharon says,Rey’s birthday is incomplete without stage.Rey looks at Sharon and tries to avoid her.They cut the cake.Rey feeds the cake to Swayam and than whole gang except Sharon.Swayam notices this and signals Rey to feed her the cake.Rey feeds her cake.Whole teams starts dancing and show solo moves.

Suddenly dancers from street dance battle come there.Rey asks them why they are here.Vicky and Nilesh say they have invited them to have dance battle.Gang and opposite team argue about dance form and whose team is better.Those boys say street dance is the origin of dance.Real dance happens on streets on not on stage.They challenge team to beat them in street dance.Team accepts the challenge.

Whole gang goes to street dance venue.There crowd starts cheering for other team and call D3 team as losers .They pass comment on Nilesh and vicky saying they have got a whole team to loose.Sharon looks at Swayam for a moment and they proceed towards the dance battle ground.

Precap:Streeat dance battle between D3 team and opposite team.Finally they get into fight and Swayam gets injured during fight.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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