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Sharon is irritated, she tells Sara she cant get more of his family. Sara tells Sharon that he really loves her. Sharon says that he is quiet, he doesn’t side her for being a job girl and her family is behind her career. She was angry, Sara makes her sit and gives her sandwich. Sharon keeps the plate, saying she isn’t hungry. Sara says she will get juice for her. There Dadi brings breakfast for him, but he says he isn’t hungry.
Sharon watches the moon through the window and cries, Swayam sits besides his, lost. He keeps watching Sharon’s photo, and sleeps on the desk.
The groups say that Sharon and Swayam always fight. Sara says that Sharon is really upset taking Swayam’s family. Rey tells them she is talking about breakup these days, and is serious.

They all say that they can’t stay without each other. Rey says that if families are involved things get complicated, Vicky says they will be sorted out soon. They all take leave, Rey tells Sara he talked to both and they are both right.
Sara says that the family always taunted Sharon when Swayam wasn’t around. When Sharon was fed up, she poured all her anger on Swayam. Rey says they must do something, Sara says Sharon isn’t ready to listen. Rey says they have to do something.

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Sara opens the door, it was Swayam. Sharon comes asking who is it, then leaves inside telling him to leave, she doesn’t want to talk to him. Swayam keeps knocking the door. Sara tells Swayam that he must leave now, she is hungry from yesterday and is a bit cranky. He tells her to make her understand. Swayam feels dizzy, Sara gets he is hungry from yesterday. He says he is ok, she will make her understand, but he must take care of himself. He leaves.
Huma gets a text message, and says she will show him what his scene. Karma reads that he is her morning shine. Karma cheers that Nil and Vicky must be ready to pay their money. Huma calls him then, and says there is a great connection in shopping and breakfast. He promises to pick her up in an hour. Huma says she is going to enjoy it a lot.
Sara insists on Swayam to eat something. Rey says she will ultimately feel hungry, watching chocolate cake and sandwiches with coffee. She denies, they say that they won’t eat it until she does. Sharon offers them, Sara takes a bite. She insists on Sharon, and puts another in her mouth. Rey text’s Swayam, that Sharon has eaten food, he must too.
Raghv asks Ishika where she is going. She says she has an interview. He asks where. She tells him the address, he says there is some work he has to do in bank there, and he will join her. He slaps near his face, telling there was a cockroach. She screams and hugs him. Dida comes there; they explain she has an interview. Dida says she wants to talk to him, serious.
Rey sits with Swayam, he tells him he is doing a lot today for her and Sharon. He gives him sandwich and coffee. He says Sharon doesn’t want to speak to him even. Rey promises he will meet her today, evening in Bharat garage. Bua comes there, she tells Rey he is hungry from tomorrow. Rey says he is here, not he will eat and are going out too. Bua asks where are they going. Rey thinks he must not tell her truth, and says they are going to his house. Rey smiles as she leaves, and tells Swayam his family is full-time entertainment.
Dida asks Raghv what is going on between him and Ishika. He says nothing. She says it is good if there is nothing. They must stop it there, if something is going on.
The group sit in the rehearsal hall, Rey tell them they must make Sharon relax. Sara and Sharon come there. They also dance, to cheer up. Sharon laughs, standing in a corner.

PRECAP: Swayam and Sharon confront. Sharon tells Swayam he doesn’t have the guts to open his mouth to his family, he is a loser and his family is a bigger loser. Swayam says he didn’t know she thinks like this about him, She wants a break up. Sharon Rai Prakash! Swayam Shikhawat breaks up with you!

Update Credit to: Sona

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