Dil Dosti Dance 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th March 2014 Written Update

Swayam is helping Ruhi wearing necklace when Sharon sees them. Ruhi and Sharon lock eyes for moments. Sharons enters the room and take them for dancing. Swayam announces he has a surprise for them all. They all shout Music!. Then dance begins. Sharon and Swayam start dancing together. Ruhi watches them and does not like it. She falls doen deliberately and shouts as if it is a muscle strain. Everybody turns to her. Swayam picks her up and helps her lie on the mattress. They suggest she should be taken to doctor. Swayam wonders how will she stay alone at home. Ruhi agrees. Sharon suggests she can go to her place, she will call their family doctor to see her too. Swayam wants to pick her but Sharon tells him to see the car and instructs Vicky to hold Ruhi.

Downstairs, as the car

leaves Vicky taunts Simmi upon which Nil and Vicky have an argument. Vicky receives a call and says “what?”

Swayam takes Ruhi to bed. Sharon is with them. They wish Ruhi gets better in a day. Sharon tells Ruhi that she must not hesitate asking for any kind of favour from her. They leave.

Swayam and Sharon are in the lounge. Swayam thanks Sharon for taking too much pain for Ruhi. He said he never recognized this face of Ruhi and apologises her for judging her so early. They both look into each other. Ruhi watches this from window.

Ruhi is in the room, walking. She is thinking that she’ll have to remove Sharon from in between them whem Sharon enters. Ruhi is shocked. She pretends that she still has the injury but Sharon tells her not to make herself. She knows all about her fake injury. Ruhi tells Sharon that she is over-confident and she must lose Swayam. Sharon takes it as a challenge. She tells Ruhi that her love will win over her obsession that is infact craziness.

It is morning. Swayam is awakened by Reys call-who is sitting on the bonet of the car, in front of Swayam’s house. He tells him to come downstairs asap, then thinks to himself – it’s gonna be a memorable day!

Ruhi is sleeping when Sharon enters the room. She confirms Ruhi is still asleep and checks her bag lying on the side-table. She finds a medicine and a perscription from some Psychiatric clinic. As she was about to turn Ruhi gets awake and sees her. Episode end

PRECAP: Ruhi is pretending in the college as if she is still injured, as Swayam helps her to the bench. Sharon comes in and says that she will show Swayam the injury and starts unwrapping her bandage. Ruhi is worried because there is no injury.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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