Dil Dosti Dance 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon and Swayam come to a room, Sharon slips in Swayam’s arms. He on the lights and says if you want to stay like this, I can be this way for whole of night. She says you are being very extrovert these days. He says he has been expressive and holds her. She sneezes twice; he says who said you to get wet in rain yesterday. She says who made me stand there. Swayam says you were the one who fought, but he says hadn’t we fought we would never have undergone the patch up we had. They both recall the night. Sharon says it was a special night. Swayam holds her hand and says he wished such rain, night and her being shy never ends. Sharon pushes him out that mom must be coming. He runs inside that it must be fun if she comes, an opportunity for me. She tells him to come college in time if he wants to

impress her. Sharon tells him good bye. He says he kisses her every night in dream, she comes to his ear and says good night, and tells him to leave now. He shuts of the lights and leave.

Huma shouts the he went to New York so soon. Swayam says that it was our entire dream and when he isn’t here we will handle it, we should all stay positive. Karma comes clapping and says what positivity, this place, then the owner isn’t here and the registration isn’t done yet. Swayam tries to explain that sometimes there are problems, Karma says I don’t care. Huma asks why he is so insensitive. Karma says that he can’t stay here for a second. Huma says what if he leaves, Swayam says that it his responsibility and they want dancers that are good, it is his responsibility.

Ishika was thinking on stairs that may be Vishnu was right. Raghv was going downstairs, Ishika stays to see him. He stops and says that you look at me and when I give you attention you go away.

Swayam thinks I should stop Karma. Huma thinks in the corridor that she must talk to Karma, though he won’t be ready to. She thinks she must call him right now. They come across, he says he isn’t in a mood to fight and leave. She checks why he is in such a hurry. Swayam calls someone in the boy’s locker room. He talks to a goon and takes 1 lac on interest. Karma says he will return their money in 3 months by winning a dance competition. The goon warns him if he doesn’t get money, he won’t see he is a child. Karma says to God that what he is thinking must happen. Huma asks Ishika about Karma. She says how can she know and leaves. Ishika says he doesn’t wander around telling me. They see Karma going towards Sharon’s cabin. Huma runs after him.

Karma comes into her cabin and asks what if he pays the fee in what time. Sharon asks what will he say to them. He says he will make up something. She asks how you will manage as our trainings have begun. He says he will catch up and will pay tomorrow. Sharon says she will see what she can do. Huma listens this and thinks this is Karma, and this Sharon poses to be their best friend. She texts Swayam to call her back urgently. Raghv comes there and asks what is she doing in front of Sharon’s cabin, is she spying. She says very funny, she has nothing to do. She was just texting and couldn’t know when she came here. Raghv asks is there any problem. She says everything is ok, bad must happen to my enemy. Raghv says God save you Karma. She leaves for café. He wonders what happened to her.

Swayam and Vicky come to dance-mania official again. Swayam says Rey talked to Mr. Path, let them talk to him. He says Path left the job, people come here or go. They say that he must tell him what to do as this competition is very important to them. The officer shows them the door. Swayam asks if something can happen. He says nothing can take place. Vicky disconnects his PC, he scolds him for what he did. They apologize still the man says that they ruined his computer. Vicky says he can fix it. He joins a few wires and the computer gets started. He says the file he has been working on for two months isn’t there. Vicky asks was it saved. He says it was in D drive, Vicky says he will retrieve it. He does. The man tells them to go now. Vicky says that whoever sits on this PC visits blue sites, there are a lot of virus; he must call IT department, they will also know about what sites he visit. The man says you can do this, why call IT. Swayam says what they must do when their registration isn’t taking place. He says he will do their registration right away. Vicky then fixes his PC and tells him to call whenever he wants.

Huma calls Swayam, Swayam says he has a good news for her. She says she has a bad news, Karma has decided to leave our academy and Sharon confirmed it. Swayam was shocked to hear.

PRECAP: Swayam comes to Sharon and asks did she confirm Karma in St. Luois. He says it was his mistake, he forgot we are competitors now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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