Dil Dosti Dance 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Aditya Khurana in the Rehearsal Hall. The Gang then starts performing the Dance individually showing their forte and then performing together. After the performance AK tells Rey that he wasted his precious time. Rey apologizes. But AK says he wasted his time because he has already decided that he’ll manage the team and soon they are going to be Dancing sensations. Swayam interrupts and informs AK that there are 3 more members but they are not present due to their valid reasons. Everyone thanks AK and is very happy they start shouting and hugging each other. AK leaves from there. Rey goes and THANKZ him again. AK says he did this just for REY. He thinks to himself that he is going to break the LOVE between them and only REY will become the star.

Later Swayam

calls up Sharon and informs her about this news. She’s very happy. She says that no one will like her because of her spots of chicken pox but Swayam consoles her and says she’ll always be the best. He sends her a “TOKEN OF LOVE”. She thinks that they are flowers but when she opens it, it’s a NEEM plant. He says its good for her chicken pox spots she should use it. She loves the gift and thankz him.

Next Day Rey gets a call from AK when he is getting ready for college. AK tells him that they should hang out so that he may get to know everyone personally. Rey agrees. Rey is excited and thinks that now he feels like going to college because when Taani left he dint feel to go to college and not even DANCE.

The Gang is present in the Rehearsal Hall. Bharat says that when he’ll become a star he will grab all the people from the road and give “AUTOGRAPHS”. He is stuck at that word when Swayam helps it. Till then Neha comes running and says she has got a big offer to do a solo. Everyone asks her that what the name of the ALBUM is when she says” HUMAR BHAUJI KI SHAADI”. Hearing this everyone starts laughing. They start teasing her. Till then Rey enters and informs them about what AK said. Everyone’s excited.

In the evening they gather there. Vicky joins them. Neha hugs him but everyone else is staying away from him because of his chicken pox but then he is fully cured and everyone hugs him. Rey and AK joins them too. But AMAR and BHARAT are late. AK suggest that they should go inside Bharat and Amar will join them. The guards don’t let Bharat and Amar inside. AK watches this from the corner of his eyes but doesn’t say anything and leads them inside. The gang had not seen them. But then Bharat calls out Swayam and he hears it. He tells AK about it and AK calls the guard and scold’s him and tells him to let them inside. They join the gang and head inside. AK promises himself that he’ll separate them by “DIVIDE and RULE policy”

PRECAP:- Some boys tease Neha and Vicky. Guards don’t let Bharat to go somewhere. All this leads to a chaos and then the gang starts fighting. AK comes and stops them..

Update Credit to: namratajadhav

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