Dil Dosti Dance 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th February 2014 Written Update

Swayam and Ruhi are near the finishing point when Sharon takes a ball in her hand and throws it at Ruhi. Ruhi steps on it and loses her balance. They also this round. Swayam turns and sees Sharon smiling. He figures it out that Sharon did something. He goes to her and asks why she did this. Sharon asks him why he did what he did (dating Ruhi). Swayam asks her what he did. She says he knows very well what he did. Swayam goes back to Ruhi and she apologizes to him. Swayam says it’s just a game so don’t worry.

Next round is paper dance. All the couples will dance on a paper and when the song changes, they have to fold their paper in half and then dance on it. Ruhi gets nervous as she doesn’t know how to dance. Swayam calms her down saying it’s more of a balance game.

He asks her to trust and just follow him. Sharon gets jealous. All the couples start warming up for dance round. Sharon and Swayam are looking at each other. Vicky tells Sharon if she focuses more on their dance instead on Swayam and Ruhi, then they can win. Sharon says she will focus now. Ruhi also notices Swayam looking at Sharon, but when she asks him, he says he was looking at Vicky practicing.

The dance round starts. Sharon and Swayam continue looking at each other. The song changes and paper gets smaller for all the couples. Sharon tells Vicky to stand away from her. Vicky asks how they will dance then. She orders him to stay away. They lose balance and are first to go out. Ruhi and Swayam get too close and Swayam loses his balance while looking at Sharon, and they are out too. Swayam apologizes to Ruhi, but she says she reached this far thanks to him and she enjoyed it a lot. Sharon gets jealous hearing that. Other 3 couples continue dancing on a very small paper. Rini and her partner are next to go out. Swayam and Sharon remember their previous dance. Sharon thinks if Swayam was her partner, then they would have easily won this round. Swayam thinks if Sharon was his partner, then he would have never lost his balance.

The song changes and papers are turned into very tiny papers. Both Rey and Nilesh carry their partners and continue dancing. After a while, Rey and Kriya lose their balance and they fall down together. Rey falls on Kriya and both have a long eye lock.

Precap: The D3 teams is having some discussion. Rey interrupts to support Kriya, but she gets mad at him and says she wasn’t finished yet. Later, Rey is very upset and Swayam tries to make him realize that he loves Kriya.

Update Credit to: D3 fan

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