Dil Dosti Dance 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th February 2013 Written Update

The whole gang decides that they were together and will be together in all circumstances , moves to the VP’s cabin.They enter and see VP and AVP together.Neha Imagines a scene where they all are shouting the slogan “Inkalab Jindabad” to fight for their rights.She imagines that they are punished with hanged to death and shouts a nahi to which all turn around and see towards her.VP asks her what happened and she stays calm.AVP asks if everyone is present to which swayam says that Aashi is not here as she is unwell.Rey starts by saying with all due respect we know why we have been called here.AVP asks him back by saying DO you have so much Pride after giving a good performance at India Fest.She also asks if they have forgotten their manners and etiquette.

Swayam says they

cant understand what they are want to say .Vp replies saying that the team has got famous.Sharon is about to ask something but her voice does not come.Swayam interrupts and says that Sharon wants to ask how do the authorities know about it.VP enquirers about Sharon’s voice to which Simmi replies saying she has throat infection.VP then says that their performance video is all over the internet and its famous.Every student of the college is commenting on it.The whole team is very happy and they Hi5 each other.

Vp says that they have also received a letter from their higher authorities.Taani asks worried is it a notice again.When VP is about to say something AVP asks him,sir let her as she is the one made dance ban their passion Dance is back in St.Louis and with top priority.

AVP says that she is sorry.She never knew without rehearsal You guys will rock and make St.Louis popular. She also adds saying “I accept my mistakes”Rey says she need not feel so cause, If she was not there we would have not achieved this.They all thank her for teaching her so much about ..I’m happy from heart that u guys followed your passion and are adamant to bring your passion back. VP says Khushboo is a failed singe.The whole gang gets shocked hearing this and start with their murmuring.AVP stops them saying the point is they are the starts of today and must celebrate it.Keep following your passion,Congratulations for all your victories.They come to know that AVP has got transfer from here.The gang again keeps asking Why when where.AVP asks them to stop this Yeah par kaise kyu kahan (why when,how,where) and says that can bell discussed later.She says she does not think the college needs her any more.She needs to be present in a place where there are much more naughty children You will have extra work with designation and dance together.Swayam asks do they still have their designation.AVP replies saying you still have it.None can be a better GS,AGS,CS and ACS than you guys.They all feel happy and hug each other and celebrate with happiness with D3 title track being played in background.Swayam and Sharon have a small eye contact and Swayam turns smiling.AVP walks out of the principle’s cabin.

While walking in the passage AVP remembers each and every step taken by her to implement Dance ban.She thinks of the weakling dazzling,the return of rehearsal hall and so on.She says when our passion is being followed up with pure heart then failure can be turned into success.The dance performance of the team,the basketball match and all the rest of the moments from flash mob are remembered by her.While at the entrance of the college She says that she has learn from today’s generation that wherever she goes she will teach only to follow the passion and with this she moves out of the campus.

The whole team is at the canteen.They are very happy.The say
After so many days Dance is back,
After so many challenges Dance is back
After breaking so many rules Dance is back.
They remember flash mob,Basket Ball match .
Aashi enters asking why are they all so silent and says then lets celebrate it in Dance style.


Update Credit to: asmaju

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