Dil Dosti Dance 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 24th October 2013 Written Update

Sharon comes in the rehearsal hall and sees Swayam.She gives him the gifts that were given out as secrete admirer by her.Swayam keeps seeing her.She says these are your It would be nice if you accept it else either throw it or burn them away.Swayam remembers the time when the gifts he gave as Secrete admirer were burnt.Sharon moves out from there. Swayam sits by and first sees the gifts that shows his face in all sides.He also reads the note..The next gift of locket and note is also read and then the last gift where she gifts him a chain.He keeps seeing them.
Sharon is in her home when Simmi comes in and says they need to sleep early today as they have rehearsals tomorrow.Tomorrow we must begin Rey’s birthday too.Sharon starts crying.Simmi is confused seeing her cry.She makes

her sit and tells her to cry hard and let her feeling out so Sharon feels lighrt.Sharon gets up and hugs her and cries and says she loves Swayam.She adds saying she lied in front of everyone the past day.Swayam and her are a couple.Simmi sees her.Sharon continues saying its true Simmi I could not accept it in front of all.Simmi questions Sharon such a big did Swayam deserve it.Sharon says if you want leave me and go I deserve this. Whatever I did I did not do it intentionally.Simmi says so this is reason Swayam was so upset as without thinking about anything you told such a big thing.Now since you have did a mistake,sort it out.Tell the truth to everyone.Sharon says she wants to do the same but Swayam does not.Infact he does not even want to stay with me.Simmi asks Break up.Sharon nods her head saying Swayam wants this.

Rey comes in and asks Swayam did Sharon come here.He tells they can do the rehearsals later. Swayam says yes he is affected by gifts but like he had said earlier it wont affect him.Dance comes first like he had said earlier.Swayam then shows Rey the routine that he had sent.He was showing when his phone beeps and he reads a reminder t Rey’s birthday. He sees Rey and then tells him to continue and he would be back soon..Once in atrium Swayam calls Aashi and Aashi is confused as why is Swayam calling him this late.She asks him what happened when Swayam informs her its Rey’s birthday the next day. Aashi asks so what plans when Swayam says she is the secrete admirer and she must plan.Aashi is shocked and then agrees She asks him that Rey told he is pisces when Swayam says its tomorrow and he must have just told girls .Swayam says else people will comment saying being a girlfriend you did not do anything special.She agrees and he cuts the call and returns back.Aashi decides to meet everyone tomorrow and decide about Surprise party.

The next day Aashi comes in early and waits outside Basketball court for seeing guys.She wishes the guys good morning and tells them its Rey birthday the next day and they must plan a surprise party. The boys suggest they must win over street dance team,Halloween party,pool party and all and then move in.Aashi thinks she must have not asked anything and sees Swayam come. She wishes Swayam and tells him the boys have planned to have a competition.Swayam says competition on birthday is a bad idea.He asks Aashi to take help of Sharon as she is Rey’s childhood friend. The boys enter rehearsal hall and find Rey there..rinni and Simmi comes in too.Rey asks about Aashi and sharon when Swayam says Aashi is buys he does not know about Sharon.Rey gets angry that even on first day people are late when Swayam says they will start with boys..Once girls come let them join.

Rey says he does not want to compare but the helmet girl was awesome.Rey says they have seen her performance and she was clean and best. Rey says as Amar is good at tutting he will teach them it.They all stand and Amar says they will learn basic steps first and teaches them.Sharon is sitting lost in locker room.Aashi stands by door and prays let Sharon’s anger be less.

Precap:Rey’s birthday celebrations.Street battle team challenges.Rey says they will beat them in their style in their place and challenge accepted by both teams,

Update Credit to: asmaju

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