Dil Dosti Dance 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam asks Sharon does she know she is talking about break up. He says she must think for a while. She says she is thinking for the first time, he isn’t saying anything about anything. He makes her sit, and says they must talk. She says he has talked to his family. He says she must calm down, he knows they were a bit rude. She stands up, and says there is no but now. Her heart has broken how much time it will take to get it repaired again. His family is right; their worlds are two different places. He says they must talk about it tomorrow. She shouts him to leave, as she wants no more talking. He stays for a while, she cries. Then he leaves.
Ishika gets a cut on her hand; Rachna takes her hand in his mouth as she looks at him. He looks back, and says he didn’t know he will get blood

in breakfast. She goes to wash her hand, and says he will get the breakfast, he must leave now. Had he said the good morning from front, this shouldn’t have happened. She calls Dida, he says he is going. He comes back to say she must not black-mail him in his house. She laughs, when he leaves.
Swayam wakes up sitting on the floor, on the side of bed. He thinks about Sharon, and calls him. Her phone lied on the bed. He says please pick up the call Sharon. Kaka picks it, and says Sharon has left somewhere. He thinks where she can go. Sharon stands in the dancing room. Swayam comes to the canteen. Sharon cries, and dances.
Swayam asks every stall man, about her.
Sara brings coffee for Rey, Rey says he will get used to all this. She whispers to herself, that is the idea. She goes to get biscuits. He says he doesn’t expect Swayam would want Sharon to make so many adjustments. Sara says Sharon is doing a lot for the family, she is joining cooking classes. They discuss that they are made for each other, love birds. Rey gets Swayam’s call, Sara asks him to put it on speaker. Swayam was worried, and says Sharon isn’t anywhere. She broke up with him. Rey says he will do something, the door bell rings. Sara opens the door, it was Sharon. He tells Swayam to come, as Sharon is here. Sharon says if Swayam is coming, she will leave. Rey stops him, and tells Swayam she is really upset. He will call, after talking to her.
Bua comes to Swayam, and queries him about what drama is going on. Swayam tells them Sharon has broke up with him. Bua is worried, that what they will answer to the family. He says to Bua, that she was making her dance as she said. She listened to all, what she said. Bua says she didn’t owe them anything. Swayam says he knows Sharon is a bad girl, and asks her to stay quiet, else he must leave again.
Rey comes out, Sharon hugs him and cries. Sharon tells him not to take Swayam’s name. He must have supported her, his family taunts her, they wants her to leave academy, Bua said a lot to her and Swayam was quiet. Rey says these are adjustment things, he will take the stand. Sharon says he only takes stand for his friends, when Kriya came Swayam was the only one to take stand, but he won’t take stand for her. Sara asks her to go home, Rey also tells her to go home. He is coming there, he asks Sara to take her home, he will talk to Swayam.
Huma smiles looking at Karma, as he throws something on Huma. Karma thinks she is caught. The teacher gets the chit, he threw and asks this is why he comes to the college. She tells him to go out of the class.
Rey comes to Swayam, he hugs and thanks Rey. Rey tells him to relax. He says Sharon is upset with him, more than his family. Swayam says he knows the family is traditional, but he is trying to create the balance.
Sara says to Sharon that Swayam must be taught home, that he shouldn’t speak in front of elders.
Rey tells Swayam to relax, he will talk to Sharon.

PRECAP: Sharon meets everyone, she says she was involved much with petty issues, today when she meet them, she feels free.

Update Credit to: Sona

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