Dil Dosti Dance 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 24th March 2014 Written Update

Every one is celebrating and eating cake at Ruhi’s birthday. Sharon notices that Vicky gets distant from Simmi and Nil. Ruhi wants to go to the washroom, asks Swayam to take her when Sharon interrupts by saying that she must ask Kaka to take her. Ruhi says she’ll go by herself and leaves. Swayam thanks Sharon for arranging such a surprise party for Ruhi.

Ruhi cries in the washroom upon the spoil of her plan with Swayam. She says in front of the mirror that she will not let go of what Sharon did to her. Then changes her mood, smiles in the mirror and goes out.

In the living room, everyone was sitting to have play spin the bottle. Sharon doesnot let Ruhi sit with Swayam. The rule of the game is to tell each others secrets about love and friendship. Swayam refuses

to play but they all convince him.
The first turn was of Vicky and Nil. Nil was reluctant to ask but everyone made him to, so he asked Vicky about his opinion on friendship. Vicky replies that there is no such thing as Best Friend. Eveyone is mean about their lives.

Next bottle stops at Ruhi agains Sharon. Sharon asks her if she had ever loved anyone? She tells her to be truthful or her lie can also come to be true for her. Ruhi says Yes. She is in love with someone who is here with us right now. Everyone is shocked. She tells them that whoever he is lives in her heart and is always with her. Swayam assures her that she will definitely get her love.
Ruhi tells then that the guy loves another girl who is not even eligible for him, though she is more beautiful. Sharon asks if he is from their college. She tells her that he is from Indore. She tells hopefully that soon he will be with her, and gets sentimental. As she cries Swayam goes forward to console her, while she lays her head on his shoulders.

Ruhi was still upset, standing in another room when Swayam enters. She tells him she was thinking about her lover. Swayam tells her that she will get someone who will truly love her. He gives her her birthday present. As she opened the wrapper, it was a doll. She reads the envelope which says, “For the princess of someone’s dreams, Happy Birthday”.
Ruhi thanks Swayam and take out a necklace from her bag. She asks Swayam if he could help her with it. Swayam reluctantly agrees.She happily hands it over to him. As he put the necklace around her neck, Sharon comes in and sees it.

Precap: Ruhi is sleeping. Sharon enters the room, searches for something in the bag on side-table. She finds a Psychiatric consultant slip in it. Ruhi turns around.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Is the girl playing ruhi character the same one who played rukmini in buddy project? I don’t like her character at all. Even in buddy project she played the role of a possesive little jerk.

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      she sucks!

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