Dil Dosti Dance 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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After Ishika leaves Raghv laughs at his own Oscar winning line, he thinks he is a born actor.
Kriya thinks how can she run away from her destiny, she never appreciated talent she had. She got a job in New York academy she left it. She was even unthankful for the film contract. She cries that she only learnt to dance, what if it is snatched from her too. Rey and Swayam were eager and hopeful. Rey says he will take her to New York, he stops at once saying how can he leave D3 academy, all are dependent on him. Swayam asks what if he leaves Kriya. Rey says Kriya will be left alone, Swayam says that will he be happy if she cant ever dance, and our friends aren’t that selfish. Rey says dance-mania is here. Swayam promises him that they will win D3 academy. Rey takes Swayam a promise that he will

make D3 his dream, he will work for it. Swayam says it is nothing about asking, I borrow your D3 dream and will return it to you with interest. They hug. Rey says you are right, Kriya sacrifices her dream for me, now its my turn. Swayam says that we all need you, but first turn is Kriya’s. Rey thanks him to share his responsibility. He thinks about Kriya and goes to meet her.
Kriya looks at Rey, she asks where he was. He says he went home, slept and them ate the tasty lunch Kaka had made. Kriya says you didn’t eat anything since morning. Rey asks did you drink anything other than her tears. She denies crying, but he tells her not to lie to him cleaning her tears. He tells him there is one hope, in New York. He will take her there. She asks will you take me to New York. He says yes, she nods. Then she turns her mouth, saying you wont go there. you cant leave your dream like this here. rey says we always dream for our owns, and I don’t want to dream about something in which you aren’t there. he says I have dreamt of my life with you, I want to be with you. She begins to argue but he puts his hand on her mouth and asks did she ever dream about any such thing. She says she ever dreamt of being with him. he promises he will get her treated and hugs her. Swayam and Sharon comes to the room, and looking them Swayam says love makes everything well. They both hug going out into the corridor.
Vishnu comes to Ishika but she leaves the television lounge. He takes an ice tray but it slips from his hand. She says what are you doing, you ruined it all. He thanks her for scolding him at least and says you must not stop talking to me. He says sorry to her about making friends with Raghv, for making him realize her secret talent. She says she will not hold his ears for disturbing her. he says she just talked like her baba. She goes to sit on stairs. He comes to her and says sorry, you shouldn’t have said anything about your baba. She was about to leave. He says if you baba was here, he would have felt proud about her dance. He says she must do what she likes. She says I never said I like dance. And her baba was wrong, had he liked it he won’t have left her alone in such a big city. Vishnu scolds her fro saying so. He says why she has become so shy after he left. You become happy while dancing, and he wants you to be happy. She says she danced for once, but this doesn’t mean she wants to dance. He says in her happiness lies her baba’s happiness.
They were all in the car, while it rained. Sharon gets Rey and Kriya’s call. They all say that they couldn’t say bye, so they are saying see you. They are leaving their baby, i.e D3 academy to you. Rey says he is sure they will make it Mumbai’s best academy. Rey says I am going to miss you, they all say love you to them. after the call, they all discuss that they all hope it everything goes fine. Sharon thinks she hopes she could help but now she can only give them the best wishes.

PRECAP: Swayam tells them that Rey had to leave, and we are going to take it. Karma leaves the academy. He comes to Sharon and asks if he pays his whole fee, can she take it. Sharon asks him what problem he has with D3, then says I will see if I can do it. Huma hears this and thinks this Sharon just becomes a friend on face, she wont let Karma joint St. Luois as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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