Dil Dosti Dance 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 24th February 2014 Written Update

Rose Day party starts. The first game is like darts. The boys will put blindfold on girls’ eyes and then direct them to hit the heart. Rey gets close to Kriya while tying the blindfold. The host tells him not to be naughty, he has his eyes on everyone. Sharon gets mad at Vicky as he ties it too hard. She then gets jealous hearing Swayam telling Ruhi to take it easy.

All boys now direct their partner to aim at the heart. Sharon misses all and blames Vicky. Rini also misses all. Ruhi hits all on target with Swayam’s help. She hugs Swayam. Sharon gets jealous and leaves from there. Kriya doesn’t even listen to Rey properly and hits all wrong. Rey tells her she should have waited for his direction. Kriya says he confused her with mixed directions and leaves. Rey is confused

with Kriya’s strange behavior. Simi also hits all on target and there are two winners in this game, Ruhi-Swayam and Simi-her partner.

The next game is to put a ball between foreheads of the couples and then take it from point A to point B. If song plays in middle, then they have to dance. Sharon tells Vicky to concentrate this time and they must win. But then she keeps looking at Swayam and Ruhi and in that they lose. Slowly all the couples get out and only Rey-Kriya and Swayam-Ruhi are left. Ball comes down to noses of Rey and Kriya and Kriya starts feeling uncomfortable. Rey tells her to concentrate, they almost reached point B. Kriya recalls her past moments with Rey and she pulls herself back and they lose. Rey is again disappointed. Kriya leaves from there. Ruhi tells Swayam she never got so close to anyone. Swayam tells her to concentrate on the ball, they have almost finished this game.

Kriya comes to the toilet and cries. She looks at herself in mirror and says she decided not to cry and fight with her feelings. She wipes her tears and comes out where Rey is waiting for her. He asks her if he said anything wrong or did anything wrong. Kriya says she’s just feeling dizzy looking at the ball. She says she will go to her house. Rey says he will drop her. Kriya says it’s okay. Rini comes and stops Kriya. She convinces Kriya to join the party again. Rey quietly thanks Rini and then she leaves. Rey gives a white rose to Kriya saying so much happened between them in last few days and he doesn’t want any misunderstandings. Kriya accepts it. Rey gives his hand to her and asks if they should join the party again. Kriya agrees.

Precap: Ruhi and Swayam are near the finishing line. Sharon is not happy to see that. She takes a ball in her hand and plans to do something..

Update Credit to: D3 fan

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  1. thanx friend for the updates…i am away from my tv …stuck in hostel ..your updates help me to keep up with the program thanx a lot..

  2. Who is this ruhi,don’t like her at all,plzz i want to see SwaRon scene

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