Dil Dosti Dance 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 23rd October 2013 Written Update

Sharon tries to remind Swayam that this is the same class room where they confessed.But Swayam cuts her in between and tells her to come to the point .She says ,she has decided to tell everyone that they are a couple.She says she dont think their break up happened.It was just a mistake.Swayam remains unaffected and says whatever happened was right.He stops her from revealing their relationship to all.He says things wont change according to her preference .Sh cant change things according to her wish.She wants to say something now and change it tomorrow ,that is not acceptable.He says whether she accepts it or not,their break up was real.He dont want her to tell everyone that they were a couple as people will thing she is doing it our of pity or pressure.She says she dont care and she

moves towards the door to go and tell everyone.Swayam holds her hand and pins her to the wall.He tells her coldly not to say anything about their relationship.She opposes him saying she will tell everyone.He increases his voice and says NO .

Sharon’s eyes become moist.Swayam requests her not to cry and make him feel guilty.He says ,he is not angry or upset.He has accepted the fact and now its time for her to accept it.Its time for them to walk on separate paths.She should live her life and he should lead his life.Sharon gets hyper listening to his words and she shouts on him that whether he wants to live his life alone without her.He answers sternly that ,he will move on if finds a right girl.He will give another chance to love.Sharon pleads saying he cant give chance anyone else.He can’t be with anyone else.Swayam gives her a questioning look saying she can see him being upset and moan over her but cant see him moving on.Isn’t it selfish?He says love is never selfish .If its selfish,it cant be love.He tells her to stop pretending.It was never love,it was just a lie.Swayam leaves the place leaving a devastated Sharon behind him.

in canteen ,Rey and whole gang are having fun.Rey danced on Anarkali disco chali.Whole gang enjoys except Nilesh and Vicky .He tried to cheer them up.Rey tells Bharat to dance.Bharat and Amar dance together.

Sharon is still crying in the class room where Swayam left her.She recalls their confession and his words kept on ringing in her ears.Than she recalls the moment she broke his trust and hurt him.When he said he will move on with some other girl.She says she will get him back in her life.Swayam is only Sharon’s,she promises herself.

Rey and Swayam talk about Nilesh and Vicky’s dance.And Rey says the street dancers were really good.To beat them they need to bring discipline in their dance.They decide to set a routine for the beginning.Rey asks Swayam’s help in this.He agrees.Rey asks Swayam if he will be able to do it after his break up.Swayam says it was difficult but right decision.Rey says when they are together nothing is impossible.They will see their love dance in a new light.Rey says Swayam they have to be careful that Nilesh and Vicky dont do such stupidity again.

Gang is watching street dance video and think about new steps they can use in their dance.Vicky gets a call from bookie.Bookie says the other team has challenged them.Nilesh says may be they lost that day by mistake and they decide to give it another chance.Rey catches them.Vicky rejects the offer and says dance is not a deal for them.Rey says he is happy with the change.

Swayam prepares a dance routine for the team and starts practicing on it.Sharon enters the RH and sees him dancing.She recalls all their dances and becomes nostalgic.

Precap:Gang planning Rey’s birthday

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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