Dil Dosti Dance 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Rey drops Taani and Swayam to their home.Swayam says it was fun to be around and they have performed well.Swayam thanks Rey for the drop and Rey asks him not to start it again.Taani gets down and is confused about Rey and Swayam’s friendship.Mr.Shewakat sees Rey there and asks him to come for dinner.The boys come to know that Rishi has called them for dinner but Taani dint inform.Swayam says she must have forgotten.Rey is about to go when Rishi calls her for dinner.Swayam to calls him and due to force Rey comes in.Reyfeels its their family dinner and he must be in.Rishi asks him not to think much.They sit for dinner with Rey opposite to Rishi and Swayam beside him.Rishi asks Taani to serve but Rey says he will do it.Rishi asks him about how he manages all things together.Swayam says Rey

is their insipraion and so he has to manage.Rishi ask Rey to teach something to Swayam.He has no clue what Swayam will do in future.Rey says people like Swayam are really few and he is proud to have him as a friend.Mr.Rishi needs to understand Swayam and hear in their dinner he must be will his son and not someone like a son.Rey gets up says Sorry and moves out from there.Swayam gets up to stop him.Taani says let him go.This is family dinner and his family is hear.Rey turns and smiles at Swayam.Taani asks tauji to tell and Rishi calls back Swayam saying he must not leave food.Swayam comes back in.

Swayam sits in his room and thinks about how different was Rey.Taani opens her almirah and removes Rey’s pic from it.She sees the greeting card and few more things gift.She says damit Rey I so want to hate yoou but you are making it difficult.What you did was as a good friend.Why cant you be a good boyfriend.I cant forgive you for breaking my heart.She removes all things.Rey Swayam and Sharon speak about Crazy Stupid Ishk.

The team is doing some random steps when Swayam comes in.He comes and hugs Rey.Rey asks him what happened.Swayam says you pretty well know.The gang is surprised.Neha comes and asks Rey to teach him some step.the boys say his emotions were great.Barath tells this is the gain of real break up.Taani comes in and says they can have abreak of two days and if they wish they need not even sy his face.Sharon comes in late and girls inform her about the vacation.Sharon says what a timing.She says they have been offered a weeding event.Aashi comes in and says they must not repeat thier dance.They think it must be different from rest and decide on bollywood style with a mix of D3 into it.

Precap:Paint falls in costume.Sharon asks Suvreen make costumes.Neha says costume is tight and dance wont happen in this dress..

Update Credit to: asmaju

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