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Rey tells Kriya that doctor has said she can’t dance ever. Everyone there was shocked while Kriya was speechless. Rey tells Kriya that these doctors say anything, we will do anything and I promise you will walk again. Kriya smiles and tells him to relax. He weeps and says I am sorry, it all happened just because of me. Kriya says it was just an accident, Rey says if it had to happen it should be me. Kriya keeps her hand on his mouth. She cheers up and says what if I can’t dance, you people can. She asks them about dance-mania. They were all quiet; Swayam tells them we couldn’t register. She says one of her choreographers is the BOD of dance-mania. Swayam says they will tell her if they need help. The nurse come in and tells them all to go from here as they have to do her tests. She weeps silently

after they have left.
Ishika comes to café. A girl comes to her and calls her as Raghv’s new-find and congratulates her on dancing so well. Ishika goes sad that now everyone will call us by this name. Swayam and Sharon tell everyone that the visiting hours have ended, they must all leave. They see Rey, he says what will happen if a dancer is snatched of her dance. Swayam tells him Kriya needs you right now. Rey tells them to go, but they say we aren’t going anywhere. Sharon gets her mom’s call, she asks why didn’t you come to office. Sharon says I can’t come today, but her mom says that a delegation from New York is coming here. Sharon says Kriya had an accident, her mom asks is Swayam also there. she says yes and I cant come. Her mom says that like your friends I need you here too, else we will have to spend tonight houseless. She tells her that they have to sell the Banglow they bought on Sharon’s name and pay the loan against their house. She wants her signatures. Sharon tells her to keep the papers ready, she will be there.
A nurse comes and tells Rey that he must complete some formalities. Swayam comes to Sharon and asks she has to go? She says seeing Rey’s condition. Swayam says I don’t want you to fight your mom again and again, I ll take care of Rey. Sharon argues but Swayam says if you want to win a war, you are sure to lose some battles. She says I don’t understand why mom gives so much money to lawyers; you are there to fight her case. Swayam tells her to go and come back soon.
Huma goes looking for Rey, she comes across Karma and they have an argument. Huma tells him she was calling Rey or Swayam. He says that now want to spoil their day too.
Rey talks to his uncle about Kriya’s report. He tells Rey that he studied her reports, her spine was badly damaged, and it is really difficult to recover from such injuries. He says that this means she wont be able to dance ever.
Rey sits on the bench, Swayam brings water bottle and asks what the doctors said. Rey says they are hopeless. The doctor comes to them, and tells Rey to come to his cabin in ten minutes.
Huma falls on Karma, in their fight. Everyone in the corridor gathers around and laughs. They get rid of each other and stand up. Ishika comes downstairs worried, and asks are you alright. Karma says I am alright, how are you. Is that Raghv teasing her again? Huma asks are you her bodyguard, let her handle her problems. Karma and Huma again have an argument. Ishika shouts at them to stop and leaves. They both go apart as well.
The doctor gives them the reference of a spinal injury specialist in New York. He says he has discussed Kriya’s case with him, he says he treated a patient of this injury last week. But how much Kriya will get well depends on her special case, if money’s not a matter he must take Kriya there. Rey says he will just discuss it with Kriya. The doctor says discuss with her and then tell me.
Ishika cries in the class room, she says she doesn’t know why everyone is after her. She has been unable to hide from the people here. Now everyone must have watched the video. She cries hard, and watches her video again. Raghv says I caught you. In her hurry, she drops her call phone. She says she wasn’t stealing, watching her own video. He says he made the video, she says she was dancing. She begins to leave, but he stops her. She begins to cry and requests her to leave her alone; she doesn’t want to come to front. He says if she wasn’t fond, she must have never danced. And she was smiling while watching her video, this is the quality required to be centre-staged. He says that the day you got this talent, you got centered. He asks did she ever think why she came to St. Luois from Calcutta, because of this academy; now you have this opportunity, and it’s up to you to avail it.

PRECAP: Rey tells Kriya about the New York doctor. She says his dream is going to be fulfilled, she would go there alone and not him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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