Dil Dosti Dance 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Rey,Vicky and Nilesh move out of the studio.Rey asks them to seat When they just stand out all upset.Nil then says they lost it.Vicky too feels sad for loosing.Rey comes out..When we lost it before we did it wanted but now even after all our efforts we lost it.How much ever we tried they did better.Rey says they were not bad but other team was better than them.He adds saying now we must get out of fact that We are unbeatable. Lets face it practically and not emotionally.We need to work it out to get even more better.Let move now and they start off from there.Swayam is still in terrace thinking about their talks.Rey calls Swayam and Swayam picks it up.Rey thanks him for picking up which means he is good and that eventually means Sharon is good.Swayam informs Rey that He is not the

same old Swayam.He has changed .He also inform Rey that they had break up.Rey asks him where he is and wants to meet him.Swayam says he is not old Swayam who needs sympathy and runs away when Sharon ignores him.He has changed.One who can handle him emotions and does not run away. He says he must have done this long back and he needs to stay alone.Rey agrees and says he will meet him next day.Swayam warns Rey that if he talks about Sharon he will never speak with him gain.They bid goodnight to each other.

Swayam says to himself Dance is the most important thing to him and nothing else.Rey is thinking how strange is it today.Its like Loss day.Vicky and Nil lost their dance battle ,Swayam and Sharon lost their love.Today must be named as Lost day. This is how life is. If we loose our confidence we may loose life too.He was in thoughts when the door bell rang.He opens it and finds Sharon coming in crying and hugs him.Rey says everything will be good when Sharon sees him he adds I wish I could say that but whatever has happened has happened cause of your fault and you need to face the consequences now.Sharon asks him is he blaming her.He says that god I have one more best friend who will not use others as per wishes. What he is saying is fact and he can’t help her in this.Sharon runs out crying walking by the roads she remembers the convos. She thinks everything must happen well.They were are couple no they are a couple and she will mend it.

A new day arrives when Rey thinks while doing workout thinking they need to break their own standards and it is not going to be easy.He must spek with Swayam and get help and this will also help Swayam to come out.Rey goes to the college and is waiting for Swayam in locker room.He thinks he must act normal and not show Swayam that he is upset with the breakup of Swaron as then Swayam won’t speak with him. Sharon meets Swayam by gate of locker room.Swayam asks her she is here.Sharon says she was waiting for him.She needs to speak with him. Rey comes and says he needs to speak now and its important .Swayam and Sharon may take time.Sharon tells Rey its important and please allow her to speak.Rey agrees and moves asking Swayam to meet him after speaking with her.Swayam tells Rey he won’t take long this time.I’ll meet you in 5 mins. Swayam asks Sharon to tell.She says she wants to speak in abandon corridor .Swayam says not there and they move to classroom.

Rey enters a class and finds Vicky and Nil upset and Amar and Barath trying to cheer them up.Aashi comes and says Hi too.Aashi tells Rey there is something wrong seriously else Nil and Vicky would not have been silent seeing them together.Rey goes near boys says today is bunking day.Till when will they be like good students.Nil says he is not in mood.Simmi comes and checks him for fever.Rey asks them to lift and boys lift Vicky and Nil and move out to canteen. Swayam and Sharon enter a classroom when Sharon remembers their confession.She asks Swayam do you know this classroom when Swayam cuts her and asks her what does she want to say.Sharon says she will tell everyone that they are a couple.What happened yesterday was a mistake and she does not believe in it.She pulls Swayam when Swayam says no.

Precap: Sharon asks him if he will live life without her with another girl when Swayam replies he will if needed.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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