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Sharon comes to Kriya’s room. She cheers and says Rey disturbed you people. Sharon asks who he would disturb if not us. Kriya says it is just a small thing. Sharon says there is nothing small about you for Rey. She says we are so lucky to get these guys. She asks did Swayam tell her maasi about it. Swayam comes inside and says he didn’t. Kriya says she has just one solution to all problems that is to come to New York. Sharon says and we know that you want to live with Rey. As they were leaving Kriya asks did doctor tell her about her injury. Swayam says he said you should rest, tomorrow will be your CT scan only then they would be able to tell anything. Kriya is asleep when Rey brings the food. He sits beside her and kisses her forehead. He recalls their dance moves and Kriya’s fall. He fell

asleep keeping his face with hers.
Raghv was wearing the shades. Huma teases her and takes his glasses off him. She laughs at his injury. Raghv says his popularity hasn’t lessened yet, and this is style. He says hi to a girl who doesn’t respond. Huma laughs again. Ishika and Vishnu come to the cafeteria. Vishnu calls Raghv, he looks back and is worried to see Vishnu.
They were taking Kriya to CT scan. Kriya complains that he came inside so late. She ask him about what doctor said. He says he didn’t meet him. Kriya says it isn’t possible and asks him again. He says they will talk about it after the reports and urges the nurse to take her inside.
Vishnu introduces herself as Ishika’s best friend. Raghv says he had no wrong intentions and he will delete all the videos by evening. He says he has heard a lot about him as Ishika talks a lot about him. Vishnu asks him to talk now, he says it was good he saw the video and recognized her talent. He appreciates him. Raghv says she should join St Luois Academy. Ishika drags Vishnu back.
The doctor observes the reports. Rey asks what it is about. Doctor says his fears were true, Kriya cant walk for a month. Rey says she would be able to walk after this month. The doctor says yes, but she cant dance. Rey says she would be able to dance after a month? The doctor says she can never dance now. Rey stands up and say they must do something, Kriya cant lice without dance. The doctor says she will get paralyse otherwise.
Ishika says to Vishnu that she brought him here to scold him and he appreciated her. He says not everyone gets the talent. She tells him to leave now. He says you should make her small life bigger, you were really happy while dancing and Raghv was saying right. Vishnu leaves saying bye. Raghv comes to her and says you should now agree that I wasn’t wrong and give one chance to dance. She leaves.
All friends were here, they said we met after so long and in the hospital. She says she wont be able to dance for a long time, so you people will have to entertain me. Rey, Swayam and Sharon come. He tells them to leave, but Kriya says they are friends so they should also know. He sits down, holds her hands and says stammering, that doctor said her spine injury is a larger one. She asks what he exactly said. He says doctor said she cant walk for a month. She says it is such a small thing, I will rest. He says there is more, the doctor said that you can’t perform any dance. They were all shocked.

PRECAP: The doctor gave them the reference of a doctor at NewYork. Rey tells Swayam he will take Kriya there, but then stops that what will happen to their academy. Swayam says what about Kriya then?

Update Credit to: Sona

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