Dil Dosti Dance 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st October 2013 Written Update

Swayam says this is truth you proved my love for 5 years as nothing in front of everyone in 5 seconds.Sharon asks for one charnce.Swayam says its too late he is not the same Swayam Shekawat who was there earlier.People were true when they say time changes things He has changed and can’t go back to old Swayam anymore.He says their chapters of Love Stories ends today.From now he will write his own chapters and topics.She has moved on long back and now its time for him to move on without being behind.He is breaking up their relation.Vicky and Nilesh are in the street battle and the loose.They walk out and meet a guy who gives them money and are happy.Rey notices this and thinks to speak with them.He then says not in front of all moreover he needs to understand what made them do this.He

needs to get the information for their acts. Rey calls Vicky and asks him where he is when Vicky replies at home.Rey says he is sick and he needs painkiller. Since kaka is not at home he asks the to bring it.Vicky agrees.Vicky and Nil move towards Rey’s home.

Swayam says to Sharon he is sorry and he can’t go through this anymore.Sharon asks him for a last chance when swayam says their ways are different.He says he can’t be with person who leaves him half way and goes.He will have to find his own path for himself.Vicky and Nilesh reach Rey’s home and give him medicines.Nil asks Rey to have the tablets and slep.Rey says that is what you want to do and calls both in.Vicky says to Rey he looks well.rey says he is not.He is hurt by cheat.One has cheated him.Vicky and Nilesh asks him to say things clearly and Rey asks them how did they win money even after loosing Street battle. He asks them to tell it truely else he would let gang know about this.Vicky and Nil tell him if underdogs win the money becomes nil.but opposite team they get 5000 per person..The Bookie gives them money if they loose.Rey asks them you are cheating on a thing you guys are so passionate about.The dance when it came back you are cheating on it for some money.You are making your talent loose in your own eyes.The thing cause of which people idolize us in college you are cheating on it.Till when will you earn money by this means.How can yu even think of doing this.You know what people think you as losers.He asks them to stop it right away and that too by going to same place and winning.The boys hug each other.Vicky asks Rey to dance iwth them when Rey says he wont.they will have to win this themselves.They are better than anyone over there.They decide to go there and win it out.

Sharon is sitting on the bench and crying shouting out that she loves him.Swayam is sitting in terrace and thinking about all his conversations that happened in the day.Vicky,Nil and Rey enter the street battle.The bookie asks for bet when boys says they do not want to.Nil and Vicky move to host and says they want to challenge the winning team. The battle begins and it seems it goes tough.Rey says they are blo*dy good.A girl jumps from opposite side and eventually Rohit and Jane win the battle.Rey says I was in an impression that we are champions but there are many who are better than us.We need to prepare more and a fresh start must happen.

Precap:Rey tells to Sharon he can’t help her but being friend he would say what happened today is her fault and she must face the consequences.Swayam and Sharon in clasroom when Sharon says she will tell it to all.Swayam says No.Sharon asks him will you live a life without me when Swayam says if a girl comes in I’ll.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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