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The ladies make fun of Sharon that she will keep watching anklets always. Swayam is lucky. Sharon says that Swayam is really lucky to have her, as she knows to get everything she wants by herself. Bua says it isn’t good to talk so much, their daughter in law’s doesn’t speak this much. Sharon says she isn’t there bahu, and when she will become one, the rules of Shikhawat family will change. She leaves.
They all cheer to have chicky, which Nil brings. Simmi says they have partied for a long time, they all cheer.
Sharon sits in her room, regretting to lose her tolerance level. Swayam doesn’t deserve it, she must have find a solution to any problem. She gets an idea.
Huma watches her and Karma’s photos and laughs. Karma calls her, she says she is fine and had to do something

important at home. She asks he gets really tensed for her. Karma says they have got much closer in a few days. Huma says she also is falling for him. He cheers and asks her to meet in café. Karma says he will now tell Vicky and everyone, who is about to win. He texts them, mission is almost done.
Swayam wakes up at night, he thinks who is there teasing him. Someone enters his room, he is about to shout when Sharon keeps hand on his mouth. He is worried, what if anyone watches her here. Sharon was upset, that he didn’t ask the question before. Swayam says I love you. She says I love you too. Sharon tells him she mixed sleeping pills in everyone’s milk. He asks can’t they always talk about his family, this happily. She asks only if he accepts a condition.
Someone knocks the door, Swayam makes her hide in the cupboard. It was bua.
Bharat was full after having Chicky, they get a text message. Nil worries, what if Huma is hurt. Aman says Karma will handle it. Vicky says they will tell Karma to be careful tomorrow.
Bua comes running, and asks who was in his room. Bua fears what there was a thief. Swayam says he was dreaming, he sometimes shouts in dreams. Bua says it is alright, he must go to sleep. She notice the cupboard door move with a sound. Swayam says Good night to her, she sush him to be quiet. He asks what is it about, Bua opens the wardrobe. She shouts, and asks Sharon, she. Sharon says Hi, says Namaste to her. She asks what is she doing so late. Dadi comes worried, and asks how she came in., Sharon says she came from the window, Bua is worried and says this is her bahu to be. She cant come at 5.30 am to fast for Swayam, but she can come climbing the window. Sharon says she wanted to give surprise to Swayam. Swayam requests them to listen to him, in another room. He then asks Sharon to go out of room, for some time, he wants to talk to the ladies alone. She goes out.
Rey brings pasta for Sara. Chintoo snatches the plate, and sits to eat. Rey runs after him, and fall on Sara on the couch. They straighten up, Rey allows him to eat as he speaks a lot. Sara and Rey steal looks.
Bua says Swayam always takes his side, she must be a bit shy as she is getting married. Swayam asks dadi to understand, Dadi says she was quiet till today, the girl has crossed the limits of their house. Bua says she is more than modern for their family, he must leave her. Swayam shouts at Bua, that it is enough, she won’t decide whom he will marry. He says Sharon loves him and he loves her a lot too, it is their generation. Bua says she isn’t able for him. He says he isn’t able for her, but they won’t find a girl like her for him anywhere. Sharon had left, when he comes to look for her.
Swayam comes to Sharon’s house. Kaka says she was crying, in her room. Swayam comes to Sharon’s room, she was crying. He sits besides her, she says he should have spoke about her, but he only listened to them. She says she can’t tolerate his family, she won’t tolerate of someone cross her space limit. She respected his family, so she didn’t talk but the ladies did nothing to deserve this respsect. He says she didn’t listen to everything, but she says she won’t listen to him now. She was angry, and shouts that after marriage he will have to respect her. She says she cant tolerate her family, when he isn’t around. He suggests they will talk tomorrow. She says she doesn’t want to talk, and asks Swayam Shikawat, they must break up.

PRECAP: Sharon dance, crying.

Update Credit to: Sona

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