Dil Dosti Dance 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st March 2014 Written Update

Sharon had seen Ruhi and Swayam hugging in the corridor which she doesnot feel good about. She calls Swayam to distract him but he does not pick up the call. She thinks to herself what Ruhi was upto now.

Vicky is sitting in the cafeteria when Simmi enters, He begins to leave when she stops him. She thinks that he is really very upset because of the fight. She tries to convince him that since they have always worked in group, they should not fight each other at this moment. Their fight will effect the group and its performance as well. Vicky does not understand her nor does he try to. He tells her that he can sort out whatever is between Nil and him. She should keep her nose out of their matters and tell Nil that their friendship is older than their relationship. He eaves.


is excited about the dinner. She is selecting clothes from her wardrobe.She thinks that she can also be modern like urban girls, and will show Swayam that ther is no difference between her and Sharon.

Sharon thinking about Swayam and Ruhi. She does not know how to tell Swayam that she does not feel good about Ruhi’s intentions. She thinks she should tell Rey, then negates hersel because he is already worried about Kriya. She thinks she should talk to Swayam now and know what Ruhi is upto now.

Swayam arrives at Ruhi’s place. He appreciates the change in Ruhi’s personality. There, Sharon comes at Swayam’s door. Kaka opens the door and tells her he is out for dinner for some friend’s birthday.

Swayam and Ruhi are deciding about a good place to go. Swayam suggests the type of foods.

Sharon thinking who’s birthday could it be. Ruhi comes in mind. Kaka says yes! this was the name. Sharon thinks was it really Ruhi’s birthday. She must confirm.
Nil and Simmi coming back from a movie discusses about Vicky. Simmi tells Nil that he doesnot consider Simmi a friend and was rude to her. Simmi gets Sharon’s call. She tells Nil that Sharon is calling us all at Swayam’s place.

Sharon was thanking Principle on call. He had confirmed that Ruhi’s birthday was not in March but in July. She thinks to herself, “you want to celebrate it? OK! we shall do it.”
Swayam tells Ruhi that they should leave now or they’ll be really late. He gets Sharon’s call who asks for literature notes as she had forgotten her’s in college. Swayam says he will pick the notes from his home and give them to Sharon as the resturant lies in the way. She agrees. Swayam informs Ruhi about it.

Swayam and Ruhi enters Swayam’s place. It was blacked-out. Sharon’s voice calls in the back, “To bring lights in dark, there is someone special. There is a special surprise for someone special.” Ruhi thanks and hugs Swayam for the surprise when light gets on. Sharon says Happy Birthday from behind and everybody else jumps in. Ruhi asks who told them about her birthday. Sharon says, Truth can not be hidden for long and she had known her truth. How could she think she had no friends. Sharon plans best surprises for her friends. Just wait and watch.

Ruhi cuts the cake, picks up a piece and is about to put it in Swayam’s mouth when Sharon jumps in and eat it in a gulp. She picks another piece and put it in Swayam’s mouth herself. Ruhi is upset while Sharon and Swayam are enjoying.

They are playing spin the bottle. Ruhi’s turns comes versus Sharon. Sharon asks Ruhi if she has ever loves someone? and she must not lie. Ruhi says Yes! And that person is here tonight.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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