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Rey gets angry and asks does Kriya even know what they were talking about. She says it isn’t important to react at everyone. He says sorry to her, and says it will take him time to digest his girl friend has become a star. She says what star, hadn’t he seen how everyone shouts at her. He says you deserved that scold, where was you attention, the steps were so easy. She says she was uncomfortable with that hero, as she is used to dance with him. He takes her to the rehearsal room and offers her to do the practice. She is reluctant but he drags her. When they have completed the dance, he tells her to repeat one step; he instructs her with the steps and holds her up. He tells her to leave her hands lose, but she says she is afraid. She falls on a machine. He tells her to move, but she says she can’t

move. He holds her and takes her to the doctor. It was raining hard.
Swayam gets Rey’s call, he informs him about Kriya’s injury. They leave urgently too.
Rey was worried in the hospital when Swayam and Sharon come there. He tells them she falls on a crane. The doctor comes and tells him she is out of danger, the injury hurt her badly on spinal cord. She can’t do any strenuous activity ever. He asks will she be able to dance, the doctor says no. Her spinal cord won’t be able to take the strain, she will get paralyzes otherwise. He asks them to inform her family, they say she has no family. The doctor says that he will be able to confirm about her condition.
Rey was worried and says he will show her to another doctor. How can they say she cant dance. Sharon and Swayam calm him. Swayam asks a nurse can they meet their patient. She says yes, but one by one. They tell Rey to get easy and wipe his tears before he goes inside.
Ishika was crying watching the video. Vishnu asks her to show him the video. She is reluctant and asks won’t he judge her. He says he would judge the man who made it, not her. She gives him the cell phone and he watches it.
Rey comes inside. She asks why he is so serious. He apologizes it all happened because of him. She says he was just helping her. He smiles that she adjusts all his mistakes. She is happy that at least she will get a leave from shooting for a few days; and says how that director shouted at her; he doesn’t know that level of her dance. Rey thinks about what the doctor has said. She says she knows he is upset, as he knows he will have to pamper her now. He promises he will do anything and asks how she is feeling now. She tells him she is hungry, and they must order something. He says he will get something and leaves the room.
Vishnu says what have you done Ishika? She begins to explain but he says you never told me you dance so well. She tells him she was just copying Madhuri’s steps. She tells him to come to college and scold that Raghv. He says he will have to meet the guy who recognizes her talent before him.
Rey comes crying in the corridor. Swayam comes and says you must cry as much as you want but in front of me, promise me that you wont cry in front of Kriya. He says it is all his fault, he couldn’t take care of his partner. He tells him not to blame himself, Kriya wont get well that way. He says this is the truth. Swayam tells him he is strong and she is his strength, he must not fell weak. He cries that she doesn’t even know what doctor has said.

PRECAP: Rey asks Kriya what was there in her reports. The doctor was worried. Kriya asks Rey what the doctor said, as everyone stands there. Rey holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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