Dil Dosti Dance 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st January 2013 Written Update

Rey and Taani are at the terrace speaking when Rey gets a call from Vicky.Rey cuts the call and Vicky calls him back but he does not attend..Neha tries calling Taani,Rey tells her that he is not allowing her to go so she to cuts the call..Vicky comes back and Nilesh goes back to call him and Rey ignores it to.Taani to gets cal;ls.Finally both attend and come to know that their relationship is known to all.Neha feel that there is going to be tiff between Swayam and Rey.Sharon tells that it wont happen.She also states that he will move out to be alone.She depicts what will he do- Move out of his home,travel by cycle ,have ear phones so that all worries are forgotten.Sharon asks Aashi if she likes Swayam to which she replies that Yes she likes him but Swayam loves only her.

Rey asks Taani to go home alone as he needs to speak to Swayam now else things will go worse.Sharon calls Rey and asks him if he is with Taani .Rey asks her how does she know to which she asks him to go as Swayam will be coming there a as that a “Want to be alone” for Swayam and Sharon. Taani gets tensed.

Taani and Swayam face each other when she is moving out.Swayam asks Taani to go home as its late.taani asks him to come home with him and he tells her that now a days she likes being alone so she can move.Sharon comes in and asks Taani to move abnd tells her that the driver will drop her.Swayam moves forward ,Sharon tries to stop him but he tells her not be speak for her best friend.Its about his sister here.Sharon tells that Taani even means a to her also.Swayam tells her that none understands him and even he is a human,he too feels hurt.Sharon asks him why is he behaving as if she must not be here.He asks her why is she here and even she hid it from him.Sharon tells she just found out but Swayam asks her not to lie.

Rey tells him that she is not lying.He was about to tell him everything but did not get the proper time.Swayam tells they meet daily.Rey asks him to trust him and Swayam says after breaking the trust he is asking her to trust him.Sharon asks Swayam not to get hyper,he replies saying He would not have reacted so if she was not here.Rey tells her that he will leave the relationship if Swayam does not like it as he does not want to loose his best friend.He also adds that he though Swayam will understand as he knows much about love..

Precap:Girls dance.Rey tells aBout India fest.Sharon does not agree to come.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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