Dil Dosti Dance 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st February 2014 Written Update

episode starts with KiSha talk. after kria agrees to attend Rose Day, she asks sharon to promise her to keep her secret about loving rey. sharon promises. while kria is away swayam calls sharon, sharon recives and swayam hears kria’s voice in bg. he asks sharon if she is with kria, sharon says yes. swayam realizes they are friends indeed. sharon is still jealous about swayam taking ruhi as his date.

In the entrance rey is waiting. rey wishes it would nice if kria would be there. suddenly he feels a gush of air and turns around. he couldnt find kria. but after a while he sees her coming and he is all happy. he smiles at her and waves a hand. but kria passes right infront of his ignoring him completely. rey feels was swayam really right about girls speaking otherwise?

he recalls his encounter with kria after his confession of “just good friends.”

kria is worried and wonders why is she being effected so much? if rey is not affected then she will make sure she is not affected either. kria is brought out of her thoughts wen gaurds asks her if she is alone. Suddenly rey comes holding a possesive hand around her waist and saying “no she is not alone, she is with me.” kria is suprised and stares at him amused. rey smiles. she agrees that he is her date and they move in. kria drops her hand which rey was holding and starts walking maiintaing distance between them. rey is intrigued. he asks if she is alright. she says yes. he asks how is her cold now. she says she is fine. kria seems lost and absent minded. rey wonders why.

rey and kria meet nil and simmi. rey compliments them that they are looking perfect. they compliment kriYansh back saying they are made for each other. kria feels unconfortable while rey too feels something. they catch up with rini and amar and exchange greetings.

here sharon is yelling at vicky for not wearing apt shoes to his dress. vicky pouts and gives lame excuses. sharon continues to yell regarding his dress to which vicky too continues giving sharon lame excuses. Nil comments ‘here they come bad for each other couple’. sharon notices the gang. Vicky and sharon catch up with rest. sharon side hugs kria and says everything will be fine. Vicky hugs rey dramatically. they all share small talk before disappearing into their own lil worlds. boys are talking sympathetically on vicky being sharon’s date. simmi and rinni is talking somewhere else. kria is alone standing near the steps with dull and lost expression. rey asks if she is alright.

as they walk forward he finally asks if she is upset because of their talk about being friends. she says no. its just that she taken heavy dose of meds thats why she seems different. kria walks away. rey is left worried thinking was swayam really right about interpretting that kria answers.

swayam is waiting for ruhi. he tries to call her and wonders wether he would get entry or no. ruhi comes in saying he will soon get an entry. swayam is suprised at her yellow colored indian attire. ppl who walk by mock at her and ruhi feels humiliated. she hides behind curtains saying she wont come in, she should better leave the place before everyone makes fun of her. swayam consoles saying since she is an indian, indian attire would suit her perfectly. he says she have to ignore other ppl comments. she finally agrees saying he is a very nice man. swayam smiles and they move in.

they meet up with gang. swayam introduces ruhi to his other friends. all are surpsied at her ddress while sharon smirks. but sharon gets angry when everyone compliments her dress saying its different and it looks good on her. ruhi feels good and swayam smiles at her. sharon walks away seeing them close.

swayam asks rey on finding him alone, about kria. rey says everything is clear swayam is only making him confused. swayam says kria is fine, its just that what she said was wrong to which rey says it doesnt matter. he honestly doesn’t want to know what kria thinks of him. as far as they friends and having fun everything is okay for him,

in washroom kria is crying. her another form appears infront of mirror saying she has to strong an she cannot cry. she promises she wont cry again. in party hall, the MC announces the rose day. he speaks about rose day and different games they have. he says this year too like eveyyear will concentrate on mr and Mis rose day.

he announces the game while all girls and boys are standing infront of each other. they have to blindfolded, boys have to guide their dates to hit the Heart [ shape board ] placed in the stage.

rey is alone and waits for kria wondering wether she wil come or she ditched him. just then kria comes and rey takes her to join the game. rey says i thought that she left him, to which kria replies she can neverr leave him. rey is taken aback with her words. they are given blindfold and kria insists she would wear it. but MC says rey has to tie it for her. as rey gets close to blindfold her, they share a moment and there is Ohoo Bg.

Precap : next game, couples have to balance a ball [ cricket ball ] balancing in theri foreheads/face. kria says stupid game and she doesnt want to play. rey says its okay since they have come lets try. kria is quite unconfortable, rey asks why are u taking it seriously. kria snaps saying may be its her childhood habbit of taking things seriously. rey is worried.
game starts and kriyansh balances ball in their foreheads, kria is uncomfortable, rey keeps saying lil more and they are done.

Update Credit to: nams

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