Dil Dosti Dance 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st February 2013 Written Update

Rey keeps on saying ‘I love you’ to Taani and refuses to go after messing up and almost forgetting that Taani does not know about SwaRon. Taani threatens him with ‘One arm distance’ between them and finally makes him leave after promising him that she’ll go to sleep without waiting up for Swayam.

At night, Swayam is sleeping peacefully on the couch and Sharon gets up to gaze at him with a smile and then cries her heart know asking for forgiveness from him as she can’t even love him back even when she wants to. She says only an incident can keep her from loving him and curses her fate. She gives him a flying kiss.

Next morning, Swayam wakes up as the sun’s rays hit him and the birds chirp. He walks over to Sharon’s bed side and admires her sleeping with

a smile on his face. He is about to carress her face but stops suddenly and the smile vanishes. He pulls back and does not want to go without knowing she’s fine but doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly, he gets an idea and starts smiling again.

On the other hand, Taani is freaking out and calls Rey to inform him about Swayam not coming home the whole night. Rey is calm as he already knew but Taani tells him he should be freaked out too as she is. Then the door bell rings and she says ‘Ganti baji.” Rey asks, “Kiski ghanti?” To which, Taani replies with, ‘Door bell” She opens it and finds Swayam there.

At Sharon’s place, she wakes up to find Swayam gone and a note on the couch where he was sleeping. She reads the note where he says he knew she would first look for him but he left as he knew she would feel awkward. He then says how he knows she’s feeling much better now. After all, he’s passed good energies on to her. *She’s smiling while reading it*. “Good morning Ms. Rai Prakash. Your breakfast is ready. Ps: please follow the Arrow.”

Sharon curiously follows them to end up with a yummy looking breakfast on the table. She’s ‘awed’ by it. By the heard shaped omlet in bread, there’s another note where he apologizes for using her kitchen so early in the morning and hopes she likes the breakfast. Holding on to the note, she lives in the beautiful moment, thankful for his every move.

Taani scolds Swayam for not telling her anything. Rey is listening to all this. He tries to stop her but she keeps on going and blasts on Swayam and ends his call. Swayam is smiling and she scolds him for that too. She finally calms down after he speaks and lets him in. The door slams and Swayam turns to look at Taani crying and surprised. She tells him she had been scared. He consoles her saying he’s home now.

Everyone is worrying about AVP and the consequence coming their way. Neha tells that Aashi is sick. everyone teases him for asking about Aashi. Swayam hears Sharon’s coughs and silences everyone. When Simmi asks why she didn’t pick up the phone, she tries to tell them through movements that she cannot speak. Both Rinni and Simmi cannot understand that. Swayam asks if she’s having trouble speaking.

She gives him attitude and Swayam says that won’t bring her voice back. Everyone keeps on giving various suggestions that will help bring her voice back. Swayam finally yells and gets them all quiet. He tells her to go home and rest. But angrily, she snaps at him to not tell her what to do.

Rey comes there and says AVP has called them. Taani says she doesn’t know about it. Just then, she gets the message. Everyone starts panicking again and Rey tells them all that they’re all together and no one can disturb that.

Precap; Swayam sweetly warns Sharon to go get her tests done in hospital else he’ll have to force her into it. Taani and Rey being dramatic on phone call. Some kind of revolt in college by the group and everyone dancing in rehearsal room. Sharon starts dancing as well and starts choking suddenly. Everyone [or maybe just Swayam and Rey] notice and are shockingly worried.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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