Dil Dosti Dance 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th March 2014 Written Update

After Ruhi has left, Sharon asks Swayam is it all ok now? He thanks her for listening to her. Sharon mocks him that he is also afraid of her. Swayam gets serious and says, “You wish, but I am not because I know you!” Both look into each other’s eyes. Immediately Sharon asks if he has reminded everybody about the rehearsals. Swayam who was still lost says yes he has and asks Sharon for helping him practice dance.

Nil presents Simmi with the night party tickets. Simmi rejects by saying that she doesnot believe him. He is a cheater. They have an argument. Nil asks her to give sometime. She agrees upon giving her 1 week and deals upon going tonight. Simmi leaves.

Swayam and Sharon are dancing together. After a while, they both look into each other with sadness.

and Vicky are together. Vicky is annoyed with Nil. Rey convinces him to give Simmi and Nil sometime for their relationship. Vicky is not ready for that. Rey changes the topic to finding a solution for Ammar’s problem. Vicky gives the option of any food-stall outside canteen but Rey rejects it. He says they will have to think about something else. Vicky reminds him that they are getting late for rehearsal. As they both enter the dancing-room they find Sharon and Swayam still lost into each other’s eyes. Rey asks them what was going on. They both said “Nothing – just dance practice” Nil and Simmi also enters the hall. Rahul is also with them. After greeting each other Simmi asks for starting the rehearsals. Rey teases Sharon and Swayam by saying that it had already started. They all too wanted to see what they had practiced. Sharon and Swayam hesitantly performed a few steps. Ruhi comes on the door and sees them dancing. She leaves.

Sharon tells Vicky that script is ready. Only the humor part is left which he had to complete. She suggests that Nil will help him. But Vicky denies taking Nil’s help. They both have a fight which Rey and Swayam stops. Simmi leaves the dancing room. Nil leaves after her. Sharon asks if anybody know what is going on between the three of them. Rey tells them that Nil and Vicky are fighting over Nil’s relationship with Simmi. Swayam asks Sharon to see of Simmi is alright.

Simmi is sitting in the locker room as Sharon enters. But as soon as she see Sharon, she makes herself busy in the locker. Sharon asks her what the problem was. She says she does not know why Vicky is getting possessive about Nil and that she does not want to see them both. Sharon convinces her that Simmi will have to handle this situation. There are already problems in the group related to Amar and Kriya. To achieve the goal of affiliation and for the sake of dance she will have to solve this problem. Simmi understands. They both hug.

Swayam and Rey are playing chess. Swayam says that he has stopped believing in dreams. Because live never gives you what you want. He says that we only get the love and friendship that is written for us. He quotes the example of Kriya upon which Rey gets upset. He asks Swayam if she contacted him or Sharon. Swayam says he does not know about Sharon. Rey asks him what was going on between him and Sharon. Swayam denies any such thing but says that whatever it is-its more than friendship. But he tells Rey that he does not strive for anything now as he believes no one can change destiny. Rey negates his opinion. Swayam asks about Amar. Rey discusses a plan with him and leaves with the excitement of its execution.

Kriya is thinking about Rey and herself in the terrace.

Swayam is walking in the corridor thinking about what had happened between him and Sharon. What must she be thinking?
Sharon is also in another corridor, happily thinking that whatever happened today, after a long time, was good.

Ruhi comes in front of Swayam and invites him for dinner tomorrow. Swayam asks the reason and she tells him it is her birthday. Swayam suggests that they should celebrate it together but she says that she won’t be comfortable that way. And if he won’t come, she will not celebrate the day. As she starts to leave, Swayam calls from behind and promises to come. She hugs him. Sharon sees this from behind. Episode ends.

Precap: Sharon calls Swayam for literature notes. Swayam tells her he is out with Ruhi. But will drop the notes to her place on their way. Sharon after disconnecting the call thinks to herself that Ruhi’s birthday is in July not in March. We will celebrate it.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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