Dil Dosti Dance 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th February 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with kria crying in her room saying that Rey was not yet fault, it was her fault thinking rey considered her as more than friends. she feels broken as she remininscenes their moments. rey on the other hand to is thinking about what swayam said about girls and kria’s answers it confuses him further and he is left with another lost look on his face.

here Vicky is trying out different outfits in boys washroom and nil takes pic of him with every outfit he wears. the pics are then sent to sharon, vicky wanted to know which one of the outfit would sharon prefer. nil jokes what if sharon doesnt like any of them? would he go without the cloths? nil and amar laugh at vicky while vicky is excited about his date.

Rey wonders why kria is absent and calls her up.

At first kria doesn’t pick up the call. But second time she does. Rey queries on why she didn’t come is everything alright. She says she is fine and everything else is fine too. Her voice sounds broken so rey asks whats the matter why she sounds different. Kria says she got cold [ lies ]. Rey says should he drop by, he could also get her tablets. Kria rejects saying she can manage. Rey says its not big deal he can come. Kria says she knows to take care of herself. Rey is perplexed with her behavior he says kria’s soft toys are still at his house should he bring them to her,. Kria says no she doesn’t want them,. Rey says u were attached to it, why don’t u want it. Kria says she is been attached to many other things too, but she cant have all of them though. Rey is confused with her words, he feels something is wrong. He asks if she is okay. She says yes. Rey says fine then lets meet tomorrow at rose day,.. kria says she wont be able to make it as her health is not wel. She asks him to manage without her, and that he would get any girl as his date, she asks sorry and hangs up. Rey is unconvinced.

in canteen while vicky nil and amar are busy having having food and wondering about rose day, sharon comes in and snaps at vicky about how disgusting his cloths were. she further said his cloths were fit for pajama parties and not rose day. she keeps saying on how he has to behave if he has to be her date. when vicky queries what if he doesn’t behave the way she wants would she leave him [ as a date ] to which sharon replies thats obvious along with vicky would also be facing hard time. sharon yells at him that he is her date and he has to look like one. vicky says may be he doesn’t deserve to be her date and she should find someone else. sharon notices swayam at the entrance and changes her tracks. she replies sweetly to vicky saying he has charmingly impressed her on asking her to be his date. she speaks with sugar sweet voice confusing vicky on her sudden change of avtaar. swayam hears them out and sharon further adds about how great it would be as vicky is her date for Rose day. swayam isn’t much bothered, he walks to get his food. sharon warns vicky to behave and look good on the date. vicky frowns and gulps a whole glass of water thinking of being her date. swayam hugs vicky in concern [ all for fun ]

rey is still worried about kria, he calls her again,. He says everyone would be there on rose day. She would enjoy if she comes. Kria bluntly says she cant as she is not feeling well and disconnects,. Rey is worried on whats wrong why did she sound different.

ruhi is practicing on her own in rehersal hall. sharon comes in asking what she was doing there. Ruhi says she was practicing for rose day. Its her first time and she wants sharon’s help in learning steps. Sharon says she doesn’t have time. Ruhi replies that would she tell her about swayam’s fav color? Sharon is annoyed but ruhi continues to say swayam is her first boy friend. Sharon shockingly asks her what? Ruhi says swayam is a first friend who is a boy. Ruhi wanted to learn dance because dancing with date is rose day’s rules. Sharon tries to teach an individual step to which ruhi asks her to teach ball room instead. Sharon says she doesn’t have time. Ruhi asks about how to be dressed for rose day as she cant ask that question with her uncle. Sharon’s evil brains clicks in and she says swayam likes Indian outfits on girls, she asks ruhi to wear Indian outfit and his fav color is yellow. Ruhi is excited. Sharon sighs.

Outside Sharon calls kria, kria says that it what she assumed about rey was wrong and cries, Sharon goes to guest house to cheer kria up. Sharon requests kria to come to rose day. Finally Sharon persuades her and kria agrees.

Precap : rey is waiting outside the entrance and wishes it would be nice if kria would be there. He senses her and turns around to find her walking inside. He says a hi but kria royally ignores him. She is stopped by the gaurds. Rey possessively wraps his hands around her waist saying that she isn’t alone, she is with him. Rey smirks, kria shocked.

Update Credit to: nams

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