Dil Dosti Dance 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th February 2013 Written Update

Swayam asks Sharon why she’s saying she’s fine when she has such high fever? And tells her that he isn’t going anywhere at all. She tries to get him to leave saying kaka is there to take care of her. He says he’s ready to be anything for her. Even kaka. They have a moment.

Taani asks Rey to come in. Rey says if he comes, gadbad will happen. She doesn’t understand and innocently, pulls him in and says she’ll go make coffee. Rey tells her she’s perfect Bahu material and she acts like one. Then goes to make coffee and is distracted knowing that Rey is watching her every move. Gadbad does happen as they have romantic scene with Dil Ibadat playing in the background. Rey apologies as he thinks he might have crossed limits. She tells him never say sorry and hugs him.


is sleeping on the sofa and Sharon is twisting and turning on the bed. With eyes closed, Swayam tells her to stop moving as he isn’t going to cross the distance between the couch and the bed. She should know that. Sharon replies saying she does and Swayam thanks her for at least trusting him on that. She’s moving around because she’s cold. When she gets up to get the quilts, Swayam scolds her and tells her to sit back down and goes to get it himself.

She’s coughing and asks her why he’s doing all this even after knowing it’s a no from her and that their trial relationship is over. Swayam tells her that he doesn’t blame her because her likeness towards him didn’t turn into love. But it has always been love for him and so she cannot ask him to change his love or to leave her. He also says he wouldn’t have came here like this but only came because she’s sick. He cares and will always care and she cannot take that right away from him. Sharon replies with ‘I know’ and Swayam says, ‘Thank you Sharon.’ He puts her to bed.

Rey thanks Taani for coming in his life and making him believe in love once again. Taani tells him to stop thanking and making their relationship formal. Both talk about the problem that is on their way tomorrow as they reach college.

Precap: Sharon wakes up to find a love filled note from Swayam which leads her to a perfectly lovely breakfast Swayam made for her. At college, AVP calls upon them all and they’re all scared for themselves and each other.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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