Dil Dosti Dance 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 1st October 2013 Written Update

Rey drop Sharon at her residence and and they both were speaking.Rey asks SHaron is she alright and she says yes.Rey tells her that he is always there for her for to which Sharon nods her head.Sharon says “You know Rey I don’t want you to come between me and Swayam because I want to see what destiny holds for me.She has learn that everytime she cant snatch things from fate.The convo continues when Rey says even Swayam fought for you against fate. Sharon remembers the moment when Swayam had told her one such thing.Rey says its really funny how she and him have patched up but not Swayam and Sharon him being the cause.Sharon replies saying you made the situation but the reaction was ours.Rey asks Sharon is she nervous by Shivam coming the next day. Sharon says he was a nobody and

still is.She further adds you know what everyday coming to college and facing Swayam pretending as if nothing happens kills her it really does.Rey asks Sharn can’t she stop this act.Wont you bend down for your love.Sharon questions Rey saying why should she .She will not show him that she is weak.Rey ask if Swayam had given p on her earlier then could she have felt real love.Sharon replies that she will prove her love when Swayam shows her some sign but he does not.Rey says may be has changed or is acting to be one so she does not predict his mood.He tells her let it not be too late.When fate gets upset with us its not only difficult but very tough to fix it up.She has to trust this as it is from his personal experience. Sharon is lost when Rey says for tonight it is enough the news ends now to which Sharon smiles.Rey asks her to keep smiling and bids her adious for tonight as they cant take off tomorrow owing to fest.

The boys are seeing the old videos during the dance fest times of KR college. They speak how badly Kr lost last time and this time they themselves are not dancing.They discuss just cause they are not dancing this time won’t it be a something other will make them feel ashamed.Vicky says you remember last time when he left what he told that they did not give him a chance to reform.He is a khalnakyak who tries to become nayak always.The Boys in group tell so Cheevam welcome aboard.

The team gets all ready for the second day. Swayam asks Rey that KR College has not come up still and what must they do.Must they begin the fest or not.Sharon says she is the GS and so the question must have been directed to her.Sharon says they event is about to begin at 3.30 and now its 3.15.They need to start the event whether KR college comes or does not.Sharon asks Rey when is their performance when Swayam says Madam he is the one who is monitoring the performance chat department hence the question must be directed to him.They get to know KR college has last slot and so decide to carry on and keep them notified when KR college enters.

Rey comes and says its time for the fest to begin.Vicky starts with his compering where the first college starts to dance with the theme being streets. Sharon looks tensed hence Simmi takes water and gives it to her. Sharon says she is not tensed for herself but for Swayam. Simmi questions her why does she care how Swayam reacts.Sharon says its event time and college and fights must be avoided its her responsibility.Simmi is about to question further when Sharon stops her.The performance of the first college ends and the second college is called up on stage.Rinni asks Swayam that KR college has not yet arrived and they must close Gate 3. Swayam confirms it with Rey.Rey says they will come Louians need to be prepared.The second college is dancing when suddenly they hear the sounds of Dholls.the team is confused where it is coming from.KR college arrive on stage and Shivam enters up.Sharon notes the name King Rangers written over their shirts.The gang is on one side and KR other,Shivam sees the whole team and Sharon shows anger on her face.

Precap:The second day ends when Shivam comes and asks St.Louis team for a face off…

Update Credit to: asmaju

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