Dil Dosti Dance 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 1st July 2013 Written Update

Taani is in her room crying about what had happened. She remembers about VP asking the team for the act at the canteen. Taani cries thinking about all this and decides she won’t cry anymore. Rey is standing below her house and calls Taani. Taani ignores the call for first time and then picks up asking Rey what is it. Rey asks Taani not to chuck the call as he needs to speak.Taani says he has spoken enough infront everyone and she is not ready to listen to anything more.The rain starts with thunder and lighting.Taani comes to close the window when she sees Rey getting drenched in Rain.

The team is in the college when Nilesh ,Barath and Amar are making fun of chickenpox that Vicky has got. Swayam stops them.Sharon comes and asks them if they really don’t know what happened yesterday

.The boys reply in negative when Sharon shows them a video uploaded by the students of college. Swayam gets a shock and says he needs to go near Taani. Sharon stops him and says that Rey must be there. Rey is standing below when Taani sees him and the song Sun raha hai nah tu (Male version ) Plays in the background. Taani comes down with an umbrella and asks Rey to come in. She gives him a towel to dry himselves up. Rey catches Taani and says he loves her. Taani stops him and says she knows about it. He has won. He needed a independent Taani who is focused on carrier and she has become that. Infact she has also applied in few colleges for MBA and is preparing hard for the exam. Rey asks I know we were not together but we could be have known.Taani says what would she do.Taani says she just said that he had won.Now she is no more the Taani who needs him.Rey says she could have asked him. Taani says did he ask her before the breakup. Now she has only place of herself and her carrier in her life.No space for anyone else not even a guy.

Rey comes out of the house and the gang comes in. They all dance to Bezubaan kab se. The days pass by for NDC rehearsals and Rey is not focused. Nilesh goes to Swayam and says may be he may sound selfish but they need to win the NDC. Rey is totally unfocussed and they have finals tomorrow. Amar says Rey will do well. Swayam agrees to it and says once on stage he will dance well and hope for same. Swayam is standing and thinking when Sharon comes to him and asks he is still worried and not able to console himself .Swayam says both him and Sharon knows when its with heart then the whole life gets complicated. Each part of body works differently. The day of NDC finals arrives and the anchor starts with describing each college and one by one the college enters St.Louis being the last. While getting down from the bus Swayam holds Sharon but she takes his hand. After getting down Swayam takes Shraon’s hand and folds it with him. The team enters the venue. Sharon gets a call from Taani asking her to move a bit away from Swayam. Taani says she will not come for the finals. Sharon says she can’t do this as it her efforts. Taani says Sharon can understand her she has seen rey loosing focus when she is around. Rey hers this. Sharon moves to Swayam that she is going to call Taani. Swayam says she will come. Sharon says she needs to pull her to come out of the house and she will be back soon. He just needs to tell her the green room number and moves out.

Sharon is at Taani’s place convincing her that its her efforts. The anchor questions them when Carmell College challenges them.rey stays silent to the questions and moves away. Swayam says challenge accepted. The anchor asks about the blog controversy when Simmi says they are hear cause of their hard work. The team moves and is worried as Rey is missing. Swayam asks the team to prepare and start warm up. Amar falls down and hurts his leg which sweels up.Neha asks him will he be able to Dance. Nilesh says already they don’t have Aashi and Vicky and now Amar too. Whats happening. Rey goes to Taani house when he meets Rishi. Rishi asks him to come in.He says he is hear to call Taani. Rishi says Sharon is already present there.Rishi asks him to stay cool as he is just the AGS. Rey says he is AGS but also a dancer and he can hide it more from him. Rishi asks why did he hide so many days.rey says cause Taani wanted for the same. Rishi ask just cause Taani wanted you hid.Rey says cause he loves Taani. This gives a shock to Rishi. Rishi asks when Taani is not coming there may be there must be strong reason.Rey says the reason is him. Rishi says its all the more why he has to go. Rey asks him to please let him meet Taani. Rishi slaps him on his face.

Precap: Team worried as Rey is missing.Sharon speaks with Rishi asking him to come and support Swayam as that will give him strength and it’s a national level competation.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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