Dil Dosti Dance 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Sharon takes a leave from Bua, Bua says if Swayam has said, she can go. Bua tells Dadi, that marriage hasn’t yet taken place, and she flies in air.
Karma comes to Huma in corridor, and talks to her. She was lost, he comes in her way. She asks what is he doing. He says he is trying to talk to her, and she isn’t listening. She tells him she is much upset. Karma asks is it because of Raghv and Ishika. She says she wish she could lock them both in a room. He asks just like Swayam did to them. She says that their feelings are true, they aren’t just accepting it. He whispers just like she isn’t. She asks what? He says that her heart beat is increasing, he comes close to her and asks whom is she thinking. She gets confused. He laughs that he wanted to distract her. He holds her, and tells

her that she is Huma and she can’t be wrong, she is right. She asks when did he got so sweet.
Raghv comes to Ishika in class, she isn’t ready to talk and indulges in magazine. He says sorry. She says she didn’t hear. He says he is sorry, for the way he behaved with her. She says it is ok. He says they must say sorry to Huma as well, she says they will and asks her to read. He asks about one thing. He asks how did she feel she had a secret admirer. She says everyone needs attention, she she liked it. She asks how he felt. He say to be true, he disliked as he isn’t used to seeing her with someone else. She is disappointed, he takes his seat and thinks how he can tell her that he likes her. But there are a few days left in his life.

Vicky, Amar and Bharat come to corridor, and watches Karma and Huma on the bench. Amar says he lost the bet. Bharat say atleast, they will stop fighting. Vicky says they must do something, and calls Karma that Dr. Sharma is calling. Huma calls him, then thinks is she falling for Karma. Karma waits and looks at Huma, thinking that he is getting involved with Huma for bet. He must be careful that he dislikes her.
Sharon shows Sara the photo, that she wore his Bua’s saree. She laughs, that she looked beautiful in fancy dress. Sharon says she didn’t know Swayam is so different from his family, his family left her with no freedom. Simmi comes there and asks is she worried because of his family. Simmi says she must talk to Swayam. Sharon says he will give his as usual lecture, and calls him. Swayam looks at the call, Rey tells him not to pick it up else the surprise will be spoilt. Sharon was frustrated, that he doesn’t pick up her call. Simmi says she must adjust a bit with his family. Sara asks why should girls always make compromises. Simmi says that this way, she won’t be able to marry him. Sara says that she must not bend so much that she breaks. Simmi says she must hold on, everything will be fine. Sharon thinks she doesn’t feel anything good.
Swayam and Rey prepares for the clues, then movie tickets.
Huma and Ishika come to Huma, and say sorry. Huma asks them to keep hand on hearts and say they won’t talk to her like this again. Huma forgives them, and says she will give them treat in canteen. Raghv and Ishika take leave for separate works.
Chintioo brings ice cream with Rey. She tells him she gave Sharon her first clue, and she has left. Sara asks are they going long drive. They pretend so, to cheer Sara.
Sharon thinks that she must check the letter upon reaching home. Sharon reads it said to check under the sofa of living room, She guesses it is Swayam. There was a locket under it. Sharon cheers. The card said, I love you. She must look on breakfast table. She finds a boquete there. There is a card to check under the bed. She reads the other cards excitedly, it said to look into her drawer. There was another card for her to come to bathroom. There was a card, saying there is something about her favourite actor in between her clothes. There was a packed dress, and movie tickets. There was another card, to check in her living room. Swayam sat there.

PRECAP: Swayam tells Sharon that it will take time to adjust. She was angry, that everyone in behind her job not his. He asks why does she gets angry all the time. She says she can’t handle the pressure that someone is observing her 24/7.

Update Credit to: Sona

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