Dil Dosti Dance 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th March 2014 Written Update

Rey is at Swayam’s door. Swayam asks him if he is upset. Rey denies this and tells him that he came to discuss about Kriya and Amar. Swayam says Ladies First! Rey hesitantly tells him that he saw Kriya online on Swayam’s laptop and as he tried to talk to her she went offline. Swayam light-mindedly asks him “so what’s the big deal. You should now accept it that she is more than a friend for you.” Rey asks “but why is she behaving like this?” Swayam tells him that she is very sensitive. Now we should discuss about Amar. Rey tells Swayam that Amar’s problem is a big issue. We should open him food refreshment outside the college as he is a good cook. But we will have to plan something to convince him. Swayam says tomorrow we must do dance rehearsal as well.

Vicky and

Nil coming out of the night show. Vicky says it was great fun. But Nick irritatingly says that we will discuss it tomorrow and leaves.

Ruhi is sleeping. Door-bell rings. Swayam is there. She asks “Swayam you? At this time of night?”. Swayam asks her about her deleting Sharon’s messages, disconnecting her calls and about the sour-milked coffee. Why did you do this all? Ruhi: “Because she is not a good girl for you”. Swayam:” Who are you to decide this?” Ruhi says:” Because I love you!”. Swayam shouts in return “But I hate you!”. She awakes from a bad dream. She thinks to herself that thanks God it was a dream. I love Swayam more than you Sharon and writes “I Love Swayam” on the mirror with a lipstick.

Nil and Vicky are sitting in the cafeteria. They are fighting over having girlfriend. Nil accuses Vicky of being jealous of him.

Sharon is the dancing room. She is thinking that if what Swayam is doing is right? Can Ruhi do whatever she is actually doing? Swayam comes in and tells her that he wants to talk to her. She says that she also has to talk to him but he must do it first.

Vicky is walking in the corridor. Rey calls and asks him what happened. Vicky told him that Nil fought with him because of a girl-friend. Rey tells him that it is because you people are yet not used to these things.

Sharon tells Swayam that she has no problem with Ruhi, nor is she annoyed at her. Swayam says that he knows how caring and loving you are but people mis-understand this thing. Sharon thanks Swayam. Ruhi comes in. Sharon hugs her and says that I did not like that you are afraid of me. I am not a witch but a friend. Ruhi is surprised at Sharon’s behavior. Sharon asks her to assist them on the dancing stage tomorrow. Ruhi agrees. Sharon tells her that she knew Ruhi would agree but thinks to herself that Ruhi does not know Sharon now. Episode ends.

Precap: Sharon and Swayam dancing when Ruhi enters. In the corridor, Ruhi invites Swayam for dinner. Swayam asks why. Ruhi, “because it’s my birthday”. Swayam, “ok. We will go.” Ruhi hugs him. Sharon sees them.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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  1. why it was a dream yaar very sad plz it becomes reality 🙁 update fast plz….

  2. get lost ruhi from the show ;>

  3. this ruhi is a atupid and i tink swaron shuld alwys be together

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