Dil Dosti Dance 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th February 2014 Written Update

episode starts with kria passing a basket ball to rey in which “Thank you” was written. kria says she wants to thank him for all what he had done, starting from taking care of her, goes up till not getting married to her. rey smiles. rey then says that he wants to say something. kria replies she has been waiting for him to tell. rey continues to say through struggling words that she is a good friend, and he wants to keep her the same. he doesnt want them to be more than friends, they are “just good friends” to which kria is shocked and disappointed. seeing a shocked a reaction from her he asks what did she want to tell. she replies that she came to say that she loves him. even more than she did before [ refering to 2 years back ]. rey is taken aback and is speechless. kria

continues to stare at him and bursts out laughing. she says she was kidding and says that she thinks of him as a friend too and nothing more. she hides her tears and rey is relieved. rey is happy and hugs her. kria hides her tears as rey confusedly walks off wondering whatever happend.
kria is devastated and there is a bg of Ahaatein. even rey seems lost. kria keeps crying walking from bb court to locker room. while rey is sitting lost and wondering whether kria really said what she meant. just then swayam comes in. swayam asks rey whether he said anything to kria to which rey replies a yes and its all cleared out. rey says everthing is clear nd he is relived. but swayam points out that rey still seems lost and confused though. rey says no even though he seemed quite confused. he explains to swayam how he said that they would be friends to kria and how she replied the same. swayam is suprised to hear it. he asks again if thats exactly what kria said. rey says a yes and continues saying doesn’t ppl say what they think or want? swayam replies ppl do that but not “girls”. every yes of a girl means a no, and everytime girls says ‘im fine’ means there is something troubling them, and if a girl agress to what boys say then definitely there is problem in it. rey gets even more confused. finally rey says, kria meant what she said and its cleared out. to which swayam asks if he is convincing swayam to himself. swayam is left quizzical when rey said kria asked rey to be her date on rose day.

in girls locker room, ruhi comes in asking sharon about rose day. wether sharon has a date, has she asked someone for date etc. to which sharon is clearly annoyed and angry thinking about swayam. she snaps at ruhi. ruhi further enquirs on what do they do on rose day as sharon is a organizer and they have been organizin it for long. sharon busts at her saying that if she is wants to ask anything about studies then sharon will b happy to help and she wont reply anything else other than that.

precap : Ruhi trying to do a couple dance by herself in rehersal room, while sharon comes in. ruhi says how to do a couple dance in rose day? as she has never done before. she further adds that swayam is her first boyfriend to which sharon looks unpleased and angry.
rey asks kria when she will be coming, kria says she wont come as she is not feeling well. and she disconnects the call. rey is worried why kria was sounding different.

Update Credit to: nams

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