Dil Dosti Dance 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th February 2013 Written Update

The professional performance of the gang started where Sharon too participated in the event.The dance started with the girls performing it at first on the song Iktara followed by boys joining them and dancing on few beautiful tracks.(The Swaron lift was brilliantly done ). After the performance ended we here a great round of Applause and cheering from the audience.The gang then start of to return back to Mumbai.Rey is driving his car and rest are seen sleeping.Once he stops the car Swayam wakes up and sees that they have reached.He asks if they have reached and then turns back and admires Sharon sleeping peacefully. Rey keeps seeing Taani.Each say the names of their respective girls.Rey says How cute is she.Swayam too says she is sweet when she is sleeping and if she wakes up she

becomes “Siren” and the boys laugh.Hearing this Sharon,Taani,Simmi and Nilesh.Sharon asks them what are they doing and still Rey and Swayam are laughing.Sharon starts coughing.Rey asks if she is alright.Nilesh asks if Vicky and gang would have reached.Rey tells of course as they had started long back before them.Sharon coughs again and Swayam asks her to have some water.Simmi says that they need to move soon.

All get down from car.Sharon is still not pretty fine.Rey tells that Goa was fun and All thanks to Sharon as this would not have been possible without her.Sharon caughs again and then says its late and the rest have to go.Rey gives Sharon a good bye hug and then notices she has temperature.Swayam gets worried to which Sharon asks them to Chill as its just a normal fever.Simmi is about to say something when Sharon stops her and then moves into her home.Rey and Swayam feel this fishy.Nilesh asks Simmi if he can drop her home and She agrees to this.Rey says he will drop Swayam and Taani when Swayam says he has some work.Rey tells him not to worry as Sharon will be fine and they also need to attend college tomorrow.Swayam asks Rey to drop Taani.

Sharon is in her room taking her medicines and is preparing to sleep when her phone rings up and she sees Simmi’s text asking if she is alright.She replies back as “Never better love”.Swayam jumps into her room through the window and Sharon turns back to see him.Sharon shouts and asks him why is he here to which he replies saying she is not so stupid that she does not know why is he here.she asks but why the window to which Swayam says cause she wont allow him by the correct way. Sharon says its not right and late too.Swayam asks him what did she feel that He will go out when he knows she is unwell without getting assurance of her being better.”this is Swayam the Lover Boy”.Rey drops Taani.Taani Thanks him for dropping her to which Rey says thanks for getting dropped.Taani asks him if he wont come in to which Rey says if he comes in gadbad(problem) will happen.

Swayam says she does not need a Lover boy to which Swayam says Lover boys is not formed by needs but by emotions. Sharon asks him why is he here.Sharon replies saying he has seen her and now he can move.Swayam moves a step forward and Sharon moves behind.This continues a more time and then Swayam catches her waist and pulls her towards him.Sharon tries moving back but Swayam holds him tight.He says to her that he will always keep pulling her towards him whatever happens.He checks her temperature and says seriously that she has so much high fever and is saying she is fine.She remembers all the India Fest moments.

Precap:Sharon says swayam to go out and he says he wont until she is fine.She ask if its till morning and Swayam says thats not a bad idea.Rey and Taani ‘s passion.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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