Dil Dosti Dance 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th October 2013 Written Update

Swayam tells Rey not to get involved in his and Sharon’s matter.He takes promise from Rey to leave their matter to fate.Rey tries to make him understand but he says there was no relationship.It was only his imaginary world.He requests Rey not to make him weak.Rey promises him.Swayam hugs him and tells him to forget about him and Sharon.He asks him to divert teams attention from this incident and not to get affected by this.After taking promise from Rey a hurt Swayam leaves the place.

Rey gets a call from Sharon.He ignores the call saying she lost both her boy friend and her best friend.He says Sharon did a huge mistake this time.He gets her a call again but cuts the call.

Gang is discussing about Swayam and Sharon fight.Rey comes there.Ashi asks him how is Swayam.Rey

recalls his promise to Swayam to divert team’s attention.So he tells them to go for rehearsals.Nilesh and Vicky say they want to leave for some urgent work.Rey tried tos top them but they leave.Simi says Swayam and Sharon are not there.Nilesh and Vicky also left so there is no point in rehearsals.Rey tells them to take one day break as he is having some urgent work.

Rey thinks about Nilesh and Vicky ,he suspects they are not going home.He follows them .Nilesh and Vicky meet a guy and take money from him.Rey wonders why he is giving them money.

Sharon goes to Swayam’s place.She tries to talk to Swayam.She prays to god to make things normal between them and says things are not going right .She did a huge mistake.She wonders how things went so wrong.She thinks Swayam will understand her like always.She decides to keep her calm and listen to him as its her fault.

Nilesh and Vicky go to street battle venue.They talk to a guy about money ,fixing and betting.Rey listens to them and things this is wrong.

Sharon goes inside Swayam’s place.His servant opens the door for her.Swayam tells him to leave them alone and asks Sharon to say whatever she wants to say.Sharon says she understood late that he wants her to confess her love.She is here ,mad about him.Begging in front of him to accept her.She says she loves him.For a moment Swayam melts and he says ,he was waiting for her to say this.But now its too late.She dont love him.She never would have rejected him if she loves him.Sharon says she did all this in reflex.She was confused.Swayam says its too late and they can not be together.

Vicky and Nilesh go on the stage for street battle.They dance and again loose the competition. Rey thinks there is something fishy as they lost again.He decides to talk to them.

Swayam says Sharon is a popular girl not any normal girl.He is understanding it slowky.Sharon tries to make him understand that she is not like people think about her.She wants to be her dream girl.Swayam says his dream girl is in his dream not in real.Swayam says she did whatever she wants to do.without thinking.It made him a looser,a weakling , a desperate person in front of everyone.She didn’t think how he will feel about her words.Sharon says she didnt mean it.She just said it ,she didnt mean it.Swayam says,she said things so casually, and rejected him in front of all just like before.She didnt think how the guy whom she claims to love secretly will feel at her actions.He says its his fault that he expected so much from her.He couldn’t make her trust him.She proved his five years long love wrong in five seconds.Sharon tries to make him understand but he doesnt listen to her.She begs for one last chance.But he says ,its too late.

Precap: Nilesh and Vicky in dance battle again.A mysterious dancer’s entry.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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