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Sharon asks Bua, what she is doing here. Bua says she came to Sharon’s favorite hotel, to know the likes and dislikes of her. Swayam offers them to sit. Bua says to dadi, Sharon is quite strong. Swayam explains that Sharon called and he was passing by. Dadi asks had they stopped them, if he must have come telling them. Swayam and Sharon apologize. They ask them to order. Dadi says she doesn’t know about any food here, Sharon says she will order. Dadi says they must always tell them at home, when going out again. She further says that till marriage she must wear shalwar qameez. Bua says that after the wedding, she will wear sarees. Bua asks Eelu to order. Dadi says to Sharon to wear saree on tomorrow’s pooja.
Huma and Karma come to intrude in Raghv and Ishika’s argument. They both

were shocked to each other. Huma and Karma ask them to stop fighting, and say that they both are in love. Huma accepts she sent them all those love notes. Raghv laughs, that he knew it will be something like this. Huma tells them that they are perfect with each other. She says he must never say he didn’t gor effected knowing that. Raghv says he isn’t in love at all. Karma asks what he is doing then. Raghv leaves, while Ishika also leaves.
Simmi and Nil discuss that Sharon is trying a lot. Simmi says she thinks Swayam should stop his family. Nil says Simmi’s hands are so sweet. She asks did he take her hand’s slap before.
Sharon sets the alarm for 4 am. Sara comes there, and says she is here to get her to drive. Sharon says she has to go to Swayam’s house, and help her dadi and Bua for Pooja. Sara says she hopes it is a one time job, isn’t she compromising a lot. Sharon says some adjustments are always needed. Sara says she hopes Sharon is doing this all after a good thought. The alarm rings, Sharon clicks it off. She gets up, and gets ready wearing a saree, which she is unable to handle at all. She sits in frustration, and says she hates Swayam for this.
Sara discusses to Rey that Sharon must not do so much for adjusting with family. Rey says she needs sometime, as she is Sharon. Rey tells Sara about the presentation. Sara says it is impressive, but right now finances are left. Rey says he needs a full team’s help, and hers too. She says he couldn’t do anything without her. He says he doesn’t trust her for helping, she might go somewhere again. Rey gets Chintoo’s call, Sara says he must not leave him home.
Sharon heads to leave, and fears what if the saree gets unwrapped in front of everyone. Sharon tells herself, to relax and be confident. Dadi greets her, and says that she had to reach before the sunset, why is she late. Sharon says that she isn’t used to waking up so early. Dadi scolds her for wearing a black saree on Tuesday. Bua comes and says she must wear her saree. Sharon says thank you. Bua says it isn’t needed, what will he do in Pooja so he is out somewhere. Sharon wears the saree, the says it is s heavy, she cant walk even. Sheelu comes there, and tells Sharon she is looking a super model and asks to take a photo of her. Sharon smiles and poses. She asks her not to tell Swayam, else he will be angry. She asks her to put on lipstick on her face, Bua comes there and scolds her. Sharon says she used makeup in childhood. Bua says she doesn’t want her to be like her.
Swayam comes to Rey and Sara. They ask about Sharon. Swayam says she is busy in family get together. Rey asks are they giving each other time, in quest of family. Swayam says he wants to do something special for him. He asks Sara to keep Sharon away from home, and Rey and he will plan something for Sharon at her home.
Dadi says to Bua and Sharon that the Pooja held great. Sharon asks to change, as she has to go somewhere. Bua says to Sharon that she must change her plan, as there is a goad bharai. Sharon says she really has to go, as she has dance practice. Dadi says she will have to leave it after wedding, what is the use of doing this. Sharon stands and says she and Swayam decided that she won’t leave dance. Bua says how will she and Swayam stay happy if they go against her family.

PRECAP: Sharon was down, Rey asks him not to pick her call. It would be great, if she is angry.

Update Credit to: Sona

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