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Sharon pulls up her car. She checks the tire is flat. She says not again, what to do now. She thinks about Swayam then says no, I must call Rey. Swayam comes there passing by, he asks can he help. She says no thanks and says I think I may call Rey. His phone is unreachable. Swayam asks again can I help, she says no. It begins to rain, Swayam takes the umbrella. Sharon goes inside the car. She sees him getting cold in rain, and calls his name. She gives horn; he takes his cycle from her way. She was taken aback, and says it had to rain just now. She dials Rey’s number but cant get his call, she says this Swayam is mad and getting wet in rain. She goes out of the car, and tells him to come inside the car. He says he is ok, atleast they will get wet. She asks who they? He says I and my cycle. She

asks when he has got so stubborn. He says from when she has started to be this stubborn. She says she is getting wet for him, he says he didn’t stop her. She may leave; she says my car’s tire is punctured. He says that the tire is punctured, its car’s fault. It is raining; it’s the weather’s fault. Why is she blaming him? She asks do you think yourself smart. A bike passes which makes her face and clothes dirty. She shouts behind him. Swayam looks at her and says again you are blaming someone else for your mistake.
Rey sees as Kriya shoots. At the retake, she looks at Rey. He tells her to be relaxed as he will wait. At the retake, Kriya hits the hero on his jaw while dancing. The director announces to pack up, and while leaving tells Kriya that she must behave like a heroine not like an extra. The spot boys say something about Kriya upon which Rey argues with them. Kriya comes to save him and takes him aside.
Sharon shouts that he poured the water, it was his mistake. Swayam says she is standing in the way, it is her mistake. She says I am standing because of you. He says now you must blame me. Sharon says sorry that I was annoyed at you, that you selected Huma in your academy. Swayam sneezes, Sharon tells him to get into the car else again… He says else I fell in love with you again. She hugs him and says I am sorry Swayam. He says no way; I can’t forgive you because you always do this. And I was so disturbed for the past two days. She says what can be done about that. He says that if there is a problem, we should find the solution to it together.
Swayam says we don’t get time with each other, and then we fight. If I don’t see you ten times a day, my day is not good. She says so is mine. She says that next time, I do this… Swayam holds her face and kiss on her cheek. She is astonished. He says next time you do this; I will kiss you in front of everyone. A car moves besides them again. They both laugh; Swayam says we should get into the car now. Sharon notices she has left the keys inside the car. Sharon blames him for this. Swayam says they must find some shelter. They both see some light nearby and heads towards it. The knocks the doors, but no one is inside. The door is open, they get inside. Swayam calls if somebody is inside. They say no one is inside. She asks what kind of a place is this; he says it is good to spend tonight. The lightening scares Sharon.
Nil and Vicky were playing video game. Vicky says I forgot to tell you your favorite movie Fast and Furious 6 is coming on star movies.
Swayam lights the fire. Sharon says she didn’t know he is so resourceful, she sits beside it. Swayam says he thinks he was wrong in lighting it; because when she feels cold, she wouldn’t sit so far from him. She says I can correct your mistake. She comes relatively nearer to him. He says it is same. She comes further near. He says it can be much better. She comes further close to him; he says it can be further improved. She comes into his lap, and asks is it alright now.
The spend romantic time together. He tries to kiss her, but she runs away. He chases her and share some close moments. And finally they kiss in end.

PRECAP: Rey and Kriya are dancing on the set. Kriya slips and hits a machine. She has a cramp in back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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