Dil Dosti Dance 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th July 2013 Written Update

Aditya khurana the Talent Manager tries to convince Rey to work with him by giving him hopes to make him a star.But rey denies his offer saying he is not ready for this.Swayam and Aashi supports Sharon as GS and VP talks to Sharon about it on call.Sharon accepts GS position and VP assures her that she can start working as GS once she gets better.After coming out of VP’s cabin Aashi says Sharon mush be feeling uncomfortable with those marks of chicken pox on her face .Swayam opposes her saying Sharon is beautiful from her heart so out beauty doesn’t matter.He assures Sharon in his thoughts that he will love her in any condition.

Gang decides to cheer up Rey by throwing party and celebrating but Swayam tells them to be normal with him and give him time to calm down.

Swayam calls Sharon.She reminds him that she just spoke to him on call.Swayam says the call was from VP.They talk about sweet nothings.Sharon addresses him with cute names.Swayam teases Sharon saying her chicken pox is affecting her brain. Thats why she is giving him cute names.

Rey enters the class and gang avoids him in order to be normal.Rey expects emotional support from his Friends.Swayam tells gang not to avoid Rey and to be normal.Swayam breaks the news about sharon being the new GS and whole gang congratulates their imaginary Sharon.in order to cheer up Rey they force him to congratulate Sharon and celebrate with them.Gang starts dancing and the professor enters.

Gang gets detention for the mischief even after Rey’s continuous effort in front of VP to save them .Rey is inside the VP cabin and others standing out .Neha and Simmi say that if Sharon would have saved them from punishment.Nilesh and Bharath mocks Sharon . Swayam warns them not to mock Sharon .VP announces the detention but Rey is not included in it.VP tells him to stay back.VP tries to convince Rey to accept Aditya’s offer .He also says Rey’s popularity will increase ST Louis’s Profile. Rey still denies it.

Precap:Gang cleaning BB court as per detention.Gang finds out Aditya’s card from Rey and misunderstand the offer for the whole gang.Rey thinks about how to tell them its a solo offer for him.

Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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